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January 29 2006

Q&A with Jack Plotnick, formerly known as Deputy Mayor Allen Finch. He talks a little about his experience shooting 'Buffy' and has some kind words for Alyson Hannigan.

I liked this interview very much...tks for posting, FA! And once you get past the lalala tone, he has some very wise things to say.
How random. How funny:

Sadly, I didn’t become a crazy huge fan of the show until after I appeared on it. Back then I was like, “Nice to meet you, Sarah Michelle (Gellar)”. Now, I would be like “Oh my God, when you realized your sister was the key...

Nice find.
Wonderful find. Jack is funny enough but his alter ego Evie is bitchy and hilarious. I definitely recommend Girls Will Be Girls for anyone with an appetite for bawdy humor.

It's nice how he's now a big BtVS fan. I'm sure Tom Lenk's frequent appearances in S6 and S7 have something to do with that as well.
I just rewatched Gods and Monsters. I'd forgotten he was in it. Of course, he was very good, just as annoying as the character was supposed to be.
This reminded me: the Mayor was on "Bones" this week and I was giggling on the inside, because my brain was all "Angel, it's the Mayor! Get 'im!" I just thought I would share.

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Nice, and makes me feel better...his death on Buffy is one of the few scenes that I just can't bear to watch, and don't.
Oh, he's so cute!
He's cute, funny, inspiring and a nice guy. I once had a drink with him in SF when Girls Will Be Girls played at a film festival. He was very sweet. Unfortunately, this was right before I discovered Buffy, otherwise I'd have been all over him like a cheap suit.
He is absolutely adorable.

Arabchick, I loved seeing the mayor in Bones!!

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