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January 29 2006

Serenity Comes To Philly In February. As the film holds on in second-run elsewhere in the country, the Bryn Mawr Film Institute schedules two midnight screenings for next month.

At midnight on February 10th and 11th, the Philadelphia-area theater will screen Serenity. Meanwhile, there's still an upcoming show in London, some showings upcoming at FSU, a scifi marathon in Boston, and at CWRU.

As ever, it seems, it also continues to play second-run in Santa Ana and Portland.

Excellent. Thanks for the heads up!
Word, what are the chances that I'm just happening to visit a friend in philly on the 10th and the 11th... excellent news indeed.
Also FYI, indications seen elsewhere that the movie's run at the student cinema at Cornell (in Ithaca NY) was extended are incorrect. I've just heard directly from the people at Cornell.

(This would be why I didn't include it in the original post; I was waiting on word directly from the venue.)
I'll mention this on the next Firefly Talk podcast, that should help spread the word as well, since I know you're trying to pack the theater.
Wheee... would love to go, to both support this cool theatre and the BDM. If i can drag my old bones out that late, that is. ;)
erico, you might (or might not, heh) also want to mention what I did not mention in the original post because it would have been a self-link: I've been doing my best to track big-screen Serenity showings on the website.

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