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January 30 2006

Joss Whedon Astonishes. Quite an in-depth look at the plans Joss has for issues 13 to 24 of Astonishing X-Men ... and beyond.

Some of the stuff discussed in this article has been mentioned here before but there are a few tasty bits of information that I hadn't previously seen.

Beyond? Excellent.
And another mention of future Serenity comics! Woo hoo!
Hmm, seems like I've read this info here before. Is this an article version of the chat Joss participated in?
That is the source of the information i believe, SNT. I checked the archives and saw that there was a link to the Newsarama article that listed the main points of the chat but i didn't see anything that mentioned the comments in detail.

I only checked as far back as the 19th of January though (which is when i believed the chat was first released) so i possibly missed something. Apologies if this is a duplicate posting.
In the description of the Newsarama link there was a link to the full transcript of the chat which I think has all the information that's in this article.
I have movie scripts that are a little bit late and TV shows and other things.

TV shows? Is that what I hope it is?
Wow, that was great news. I am eagerly anticipating the second run of Astonishing, and Joss' ideas and goals for the story arc sound absolutely amazing. It's good to see that he's moving away from the spectacle of the "Danger" arc, because even though I thought it still kicked ass, it didn't have the same kind of punch that the first arc did.

...And, yeah, Gill, I hope it's what I hope it is, too.

And who else cannot wait for those offical, canon Buffy comics?!?!?!?
Paul_Rocks, i hadn't seen that link you mentioned and it does seem to cover most of what is mentioned in the article i posted here. I only checked through the main posted links! Doh! :)

Ah well, at least it appears from the posts above that this is news to a few other people here so maybe the mods will think this is worth leaving up after all.
Heh, sometimes it's pretty hard to keep track of everything that's posted here, especially if it's not a main link, or if it's the same information on a different site (or as in this case both).
As you say, some people seem to have missed the original posting and so this seems like it's worthwhile. As ever it's in the lap of the mods.
Well, my lap's pretty empty right now . . . and, more important, the consensus seems to be that the link can stay.
"TV shows" - not just one show - that was shows with a CAPITAL 'S' Joss mentioned. I so need to see something from Joss back on TV -even if this is his much-vaunted haemorrhoid suppository ad, I'll still be watching!

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