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January 30 2006

First look at Deluxe Angel and Spike action figures from Destiny, including the "bloody" chase figures.

that smile on Spike is very creepy. And I don't like how the bodies look. Too thin?
Mountain Dew not included.
I think the battle damaged Spike looks awesome.
Yeah, Angel is way too thin... and Spike's neck is too long. But otherwise, they look cool.
The Mountain Dew is in the chalice! Obviously! :D
How come Angel comes with the Chalice and Spike doesn't? I mean Spike's the one who gets it, not Angel. Pssht!
I think Angel looks more like DB than Spike looks like JM, though both are pretty good, all considered. However, I've never gotten any of the action figures, so have never seen any up close and personal, as it were.

Did anyone see any info as to when these would be available?

And, yeah, InevitableTraitor, I, too, wondered why Angel was shown with the chalice!! "Pssht!" indeed! :)
Damn, I love those cool looking Spike figures.
Too bad that it takes so long to come out(summer).
I do think they are an improvement over some of the recent figures. Not perfect, but they are definitely better.

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