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January 30 2006

(SPOILER) David Fury's first penned episode of 24 airs tonight on FOX. I have no idea what it's about. I imagine it will involve Jack Bauer having a crappy day, and there will be a lot of running and talking on cell phones. Fury's description of the episode follows when you click the link that says, "more..."

Okay. Fury says: Jack breaks into the President's retreat to confront him about his chief of staff's connection to the terrorists. We find out what the whole plot was about (or appear to).

That's the terrorists and nerve gas plot... not the 24 show plot.

And there will be torture! Don't forget that Jack will have to torture someone while yelling, "Tell me what I want to know!" Then the person will crack, and tell Jack everything, then some sniper will kill that person, and Jack will look around at the horizon with an expression of righteous indignation but won't see the sniper. Then there'll be a commercial. ;-)
This season of 24 is shaping up to be all sorts of awesomeness. I've recently finished watching the first 5 episodes and my heart never let up. One of these days television is going to kill me.
Man, I'd be offended by these crass, acerbic descriptions of my show by allyson and billz...

...except that they both pretty accurately describe my episode. (Damn.)

Hopefully you'll enjoy my future episodes when I really break the formula:
Yet another mole is discovered inside CTU(!); Chloe shows off her tech prowess as she acts snarky toward her co-workers(!!); and Jack performs CPR on a mortally wounded colleague as he shouts "Don't you die on me!!!"
Mr. Fury, you *rock* to react with such good nature! I salute you, sir! :-)

P.S. Gotta love the Chloe snark (yay geeks!), so go ahead and pile it on all you feel like! ;-)
You're almost twisting my curiosity enough to watch it, DF. Almost. Bit more pressure needed.

And good to have you back in a non-mea culpa situation!
I can't help but dig 24. The formula--however well known by now--works like gangbusters. Plus, Kiefer Sutherland will always and forever rock...

"They're worms, Michael."
* waves hello to Fury *

I love 24, and love all the jabs at the formula. Perhaps that's a testament to how good the show is, that it traffics pretty regularly in cliches (some of its own creation) and yet continues to be compelling (Just how will Jack torture this guy? Will there be dismemberment? ;-).

"I'm gonna need a hacksaw." - Jack Bauer
So when are we getting the musical episode?
David Fury starts on 24 and it features an ex-vampire as it's the main bad guy, a coincidence... I don't think so!?
Geraint Wyn Davies played Vampire detective Det. Nicholas Knight on "Forever Knight"(1992). Also Fury worked with a another "Forever Knight" main actor John Kapelos, he was on "Angel" in "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" (episode # 2.2) as the Hotel manager.

What is Fury up too? ...just saying.
I've never watched 24, but the Furytude may be enough to make me start. Is there mustard? Thanks for your post, DF!
David Fury, you ARE my hero. Well, you and that Joss guy. Can't wait for tonight's ep.

Please tell me you had Jack growl "Dammit!" at least once! These are the kinds of things that make my life worth living.
Don't worry, David. I'd imagine that you have quite a few fans around here that are already addicted to 24 and so don't need any convincing to watch the show (although you had me with the "Don't you die on me!!!").

My only problem is having to wait another two weeks before i get to start watching season five. Especially as i've already seen the first ten minutes of hour one. My GOD, that is one intense start to the season!
No actual dismemberment, but the threat was great: "" Kudos, DF. =)
Good episode, Fury! Though I have to admit that I liked last week's better.

I wanted more of Chloe, Edgar, and Curtis. Especially Chloe. Did Curtis even have any dialogue this week? And didn't Tony wake up from his coma at the end of the last episode? Why hasn't he been around.
Like Firefly, 24 is loaded with Canucks. Go team!

Yep, there was torture - but no blood which was wierd.
IG--no, Tony didn't wake up. The guy who tried to take Jack out (that Curtis? let in), said Tony was awake to get Jack alone and off-guard.

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Yay! Fury posts! Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Fury. I'm finally caught up with all the 24ness and I get to watch this season in real time. I like it so far because Chloe's such a badass. I've liked her from the beginning and never understood all the Chloe hate. She's the most realistic character on that show and I can totally relate to her awkwardness.

Speaking of Jack Bauer's cell phone, he must have an endless cell phone battery. Everything on that show happens in real time yet Bauer never has to recharge his cell phone? Or go to the bathroom, for that matter. Nobody at CTU takes bathroom breaks for 24 hours!

Tonight's ep starts in an hour and 40 minutes over here.

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So when are we getting the musical episode?

More to the point - when is Fury's cameo? And can we possibly work in some Smile Time puppets? And a goat.
Good episode, DF. I look forward to more!
Pat - Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't realize that.
Despite Allyson's (annoyingly) condescending description of the show, I think this is the best-produced and most consistently great series on television, period. (Just last night, Sutherland won the Screen Actors Guild Award for best lead actor in a drama for it.)

To my fellow Buffy/Angel/Firefly/Serenity/Astonishing X-Men fans who haven't seen it: I urge you to seek it out on DVD and get caught up. You'll eat it up with a spork, and wonder how the heck you ever lived without it. Each season is a top-notch, feature-quality 18-hour thriller (minus commercials), and so far this season looks like it could rank as the best work they've done yet - and that's a testament to the addition of David Fury (who will eternally rank as a TV God for penning "Walkabout").

And as a diehard 24 fan since the show first premiered, my hat is off to David for delivering a crackerjack episode tonight that gleefully abounded with deft reveal after deft reveal, while astutely drawing on threads from past seasons for added resonance. In other words, Fury kicks ass and takes names, and I'm pleased as punch he's working on my favorite show. Copy that! ;-)
Ha! I loved Allyson's description. It may have been snarky, but it was very accurate.

I really like 24, but:
24 << The Shield & Veronica Mars
I watched season 2 when they had a marathon on FX a couple years ago. I said I'd watch 24 if my Mom watched Angel. It didn't do much for me. I need me some character development. It's hard to do that when all the actions takes place in one day. I mean how much can a person change in a day?

I did start watching season 3 to see if I could maybe get into it and then I had lab on Tuesdays or whatever day 24 was on, I forget. And I couldn't watch it. Haven't been inspired to watch it since.

Now MI-5, before all the original characters left, that was some intense programming.

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I enjoyed the episode, great work. I admit that I do a little cheer whenever I see David Fury's name in the credits. Admittedly, I do a lot of little cheers with the 24 credits...
Robogeek, please dilute your vitriol towards other members. Thanks.
I don't care whose name is in the credits. All I need to hear is "The following takes place between..." and I've reached TV nirvana.
Mr. Fury, please show more of Chloe in men's shirts and such, it's great to see her "hotness" come through. And what happened to the "DO YOUR JOB" drinking game?????
I watched the previous season of 24 on DVD and I find this type of show to work better for DVD. I liked the first two seasons but seasons 3 and 4 weren't as riveting. There are a few Jossverse actors who guest star and that's really cool. I especially liked the Zoe-Jasmine/Principal Wood interaction. That was great.

A 24 drinking game sounds fun, and I don't even drink. Does anyone know of any?

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Damn. Now I have to catch up on 3+ years of 24?

There aren't enough hours in a day...
24 is my popcorn flick of TV watching. It's true that (as foreverwes mentioned above) there isn't a lot in the character development department. That's one of the biggest (to me) casualties of the 1-day format, which has quite a few limitations. It also means there's little room for any kind of emotion (of the uncliched, un-hollywood variety) or small moments, since everyone - and especially kiefer - is on the go all the time. I certainly would never buy a season or watch any episode more than once.
But, all that said... I find it an incredibly entertaining hour of television. I first caught it via DVD, and agreed with my friend who told me it was "crack DVD watching" – once i saw one episode i had to see what happened next, which meant i often ended staying up inadvertently until 2 am, and then cursing that i didnt' have the next Netflix packet yet. Is it great? No. Is it up there with the Whedonverse, or Deadwood or the Wire, or even Veronica Mars? Nope. The plots and characters are cliched and contrived, and the dialogue is often wooden. But it's also a totally different genre - pure action, pure adrenaline, and lots of fun. I agree completely with jam2's comment: " traffics pretty regularly in cliches (some of its own creation) and yet continues to be compelling (Just how will Jack torture this guy? Will there be dismemberment? ;-)."

It's my popcorn, guilty-pleasure TV - and though it's easy to predict the basic clichés (as Alysson did so well above!), you still want to see just how Jack will save the world this time. And which twists and turns and moles and crazy plots and torture and near misses they'll devise. I'm pleased as punch that Fury has been added to the writing team.
Great debut effort tonight!
Besides the great great Fury, there are other Whedonverse connections in Fury’s episode that might warrant a moment of consideration.

Mark A. Sheppard (Badger) plays villain Ivan Erwich. (Been discussed recently, so nuff said.)

Sean Astin, who plays Lynn McGill, directed the “Angel” episode “Soulless.”

And my personal favorite, President Charles Logan, played by Gregory Itzin, is better known as Magistrate Higgins. I must be pretty slow because I just figured it out last episode, after all this time!
and, of course, Pliny, there's Howard Gordon, who's been on 24 since it started, and, well, worked on both Angel and Buffy...
There was also a small Buffy shoutout tonight:
There was torture, there was torture! ;-) But really, really scary, Niska-level torture. I liked the way the plot revelations were handled, too. Good job, Mr. Fury! :-)
Good show, Fury! My husband and I caught the 'Agent Finn' SO and shared a joyful chortle. (Now toss in an Angel ref sometime too, maybe? Please?)

I gotta echo many others re: 24's plot predictability and the lack of deeper characters development I've been hardwired by Joss's stuff to crave, but for an hour's worth of adrenaline-soaked action and high-wire political intrigue, there's nary another contender on network TV.

We've started calling it "The Bauer Power Hour" because Jack, with his inexhaustible reserves of energy (and apparently enormous bladder!) never fails to save the 1/24th of a day.
It's the very first season I'm watching and it's a 'fun' ride so far. Will watch this episode later today. And then quickly forget all about it. Junk food tv, yeah. But you can't have steak every day. How's that for a cliche, eh?
Howard also worked on The Inside with Tim Minear. I am the KING OF OBVIOUS.
I'm really excited about David's working on 24... a show I've totally been a fan of, but until now there weren't any 24 writers whose work I individually knew/admired.

I feel like this season they've raised the stakes by killing off so many people in the first episode.

One thing I've always wondered about 24 is if there are any Fox corporate people that make the writers put in certain messages reflecting Rupert Murdoch's political ideology. In previous seasons there've always been parts where it's like, "There's not time to get a warrant! We have to detain and torture these radical Muslims right away or a nuclear bomb will go off in the United States!"
I really enjoy 24 - echoing comments above it does have less character developpement than I like, but the time (format) constraints make it hard to do. Although, some characters make it through several seasons and therefore an arc could be drawn. However, its action plots and subplots are its trademarks.

I find this season's subplots to be resolving very quickly as compared to past seasons. Each hour resolves subplots that were introduced the previous hour. Is there pressure from the network to make each episode more of a stand alone (as much as this format allows) so that more viewers can jump in without feeling ... dare I say ... "lost".

Good job on tonight's episode Mr. Fury. Glad to have you on board 24.
Celluloid Novelist - On one of the S2 DVD commentaries, one of the producers mentions that they tend to fall on the right side of the political spectrum, but while some of that comes through, I've always felt that the show is, on the whole, fairly balanced (and not in the Fox News way). They weren't just torturing Muslims last season, and I didn't think that torture was glorified the way a lot of critics seem to think it was, given how many innocent characters were subjected to it. In season 2, the main bad guys . This episode involved .

While the show will take shots at anti-war types like Richard Heller, I tend to think that it all comes from people involved with the show, as opposed to higher-ups at Fox.

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I love 24. I also love snarky comments about 24. But I watch it every week, and suspend my disbelief for the hour, and absolutely cannot take my eyes off the screen while it's on. There are so many wonderful actors involved in this show, and there have always been good writers...but now there's David Fury, and that is so exciting I simply can't contain myself! Am very pleased I had the foresight to Tivo last night's show, so I can watch it again. Hope you stay involved, Mr. Fury! So nice to see you!
"suspend my disbelief for the hour, "

That's what it's all about. Then again, vampires and slayers aren't real either! LOL. Reminds me of some spy novels/movies from the 60s/70s by Alistair MacLean: Guns of Navarone, Where Eagles Dare, etc, where the Hero gets the crap beat out of him, but keeps going back for more, never gives up. The mission is more important than his own life (personal and physical). It's not about the believability, but the action.

I enjoyed this ep, although was a little dissapointed Jack didn't get more with the torture! My other half and I cheer everytime Jack exacts a little vengenge! The quote jam2 made above about the hacksaw is what makes me love this show. (yeah, we're a sick puppies!). It's not often a TV show makes me cover my eyes, but that little scene with the knife sure made me flinch!

I'm glad Mr. Fury is a part of this!

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OK. I'm late to the party: Who's David Fury?
I always tape "24". I was sitting there trying to watch and as usual, 10 minutes in and I had to turn the channel because I can't watch that show before going to sleep at night. Gets me too worked up. (Yeah, Kiefer's hot, but not "worked up" like that, you!) So I wait 'till Saturday morning...after the treadmill.
By the way...nice to see that Kiefer won a Screen Actors Guild award! That's some mighty fine acting going on in that there "24". I'm not ashamed to admit it...but he actually made me puddle up once. End of season one. Y'all remember that? Last 30 seconds of the show. Damn.
"24" doesn't work unless Kiefer makes you believe it. He's not given enough credit for the performance he brings to that show (SAG award notwithstanding).

Fury was a much-loved writer on "Buffy" and "Angel" (one of the best, actually) who was also known to sing about the occasional condiment and stain removal. He moved on to "Lost" where he defined the series early on with "Walkabout," the brilliant episode where we learn Locke was confined to a wheelchair before the crash.

He left "Lost" when he signed an exclusive deal with Fox and now serves as some kind of producer/writer for "24." Honestly, I'm not sure it's the best matchup. It seems to me that Fury's considerable talents will be largely squandered by "24"'s rigid structure. At the same time, "24" was running just fine without him, under the eyes of creators Robert Cochran and Joel Surnow.

You could pick out the Fury episodes of "Buffy" and "Angel" or at least see flourishes of his own writing style. With "24," he's another cog in the Jack Bauer Power Hour machine. (A well-oiled but largely faceless contraption.)

I think you make some good points about 24, although my hope is that the producers have brought David and Manny Coto on board (both having different genre backgrounds than the other writers), because they realize the show will get stagnant if they continue to adhere too closely to the same formula.
Annoyingly condescending?!?!

Well. Okay.

I did not watch 24. I saw Brokeback at the Arclight followed by a Q&A with Larry McMurty. There were no cellphones. But there were cutiehead cowboys in love. Hooray!
24 is far and away the most fun show on television right now. I just have such a big mancrush on Jack Bauer; he's Steve McQueen for the modern age and for all of the clichés and leaps of logic, it doesn't matter. Because Jack is a total freaking badass, and he's going to speak gruffly and shoot people.


24 is the KISS of television. Drowning in the ridiculous, but when it starts to rock out you can't help but throw up the horns.

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Seriously, you didn't get "brilliantly snarky?"

Okay. Fine.
James Bond + John McClane + Wolverine = Jack Bauer.
Oh, totally Gonnas, mancrush-tastic.

I remember a bit in Day 2 after the plane crash. Jack is kneeling injured, with a gun to his head, to all outward appearances defeated and Nina says something like 'Is this how you thought it would end, Jack ?' to which he replies (meaning every word) 'This isn't over yet'. Guy just will not quit. Ever. Very much in the mold of a Steve McQueen or some character from the 'war' comics of my youth (the quotes are because they often featured stories about football - the kind with feet ;) - or, bizarrely, long distance running).

Makes me wonder how they'll write him out tho'. I mean what will it take to kill him, direct nuclear hit ? Full scale alien invasion ?

Hokey, cliched, fun (in roughly equal measure ;).
Saje, write him out? Is Kiefer leaving the show?
Ah, not as far as I know (I meant it in an 'everything ends' kind of way). That said, i've read interviews where he says things like 'It could go on without Jack Bauer' and there've been rumours that they may be thinking about franchising the 24 format so, personally, I wouldn't be surprised to see him leave either at the end of this season or possibly next year (but that's pure speculation on my part).

If they do kill him off I hope they leave it Angel style ambiguous so that we can at least tell ourselves 'Well, if anyone could survive it'd be our Jack' ;).
Arghhh! I'm gone for several hours and Uncle Fury makes an appearance. The only thing I watched last night was "24" and it made my heart stop when I saw it was written by him. I have to agree, it's been awesome this year; the two-hour two nights in a row again this year really helped build the momentum. Thanks DF for a great episode. You captured Jack completely.
SoddingNancyTribe: Um... "vitriol"? So... you're accusing me of being "bitterly abusive"? (Per Excuse me? I think that's considerably out of line. I merely expressed a reasonable (and mild) opinion - certainly not anything even approaching "vitriol".

Allyson: There's a fine line between "brilliantly snarky" and "annoyingly condescending". ;-) And while I appreciate that your intent was the former, it came across as the latter - to me, at least. (Consider, for instance, if someone made a similarly broad generalization of "Buffy" or whatever your favorite show/movie/comic/religion happens to be.) But it's not like anyone died, or anything. No worries.
I've only seen the first season of 24 on DVD thus far but I did enjoy it. Very entertaining and gripping, the structure of each episode has really influenced other recent shows I think, like Lost and Desperate Housewives, where each episode unravels another part of the mystery, and I suppose that was also heavily used in the first couple of seasons of Alias around the same time as 24 started.

The DVDs have been re-released at a really reasonable price on so I was thinking of investing in the rest at some point, hopefully soon. I was disappointed when Fury left Lost because I think it is a great show and his work on it was excellent, but its no bad thing to move from one great show to another, so when I eventually catch up on season five of 24 I will definitely be seeing what his work there is like.

One thing about 24 bugs me though- the names of the episodes. Yeah, it fits in well with the idea and time format, but it's incredibly annoying and difficult to find an episode based on part of it you may remember, or something. Contrast this with the frequently excellent (although rarely shown on screen) titles of Joss' shows which most of us know extremely well.
I'm loving this season of 24, but I've got one small quibble. WTF was Audrey doing calling Jack in the middle of a crisis to ask him if he still loved her - can we say Jr. High? I mean, this is supposed to be a professional women. Jeeze! If you must, call and say I love you, let's talk later. /rant

Not to completely diss the personal bits, cause I'm loving Martha Logan. She's going to do something, and I hope it smokes the Prez!
Just glad to Not hear that Sutherland Junior has Daddy's reputation for screwing the scripts up (unlike Donald on Buffy the movie with Joss).

The show is great fun, but i can't honest say i can pick out the Fury-ness in this latest episode. Can someone help me learn what a trademark Fury bit might be?
Robogeek, my response was intended as at least partly humorous (I mean "dilute the vitriol" is not exactly an everyday phrase . . .). I was simply trying to get across the idea that your choice of words was poorly judged. As was your comment that my response was "out of line."

If you need to continue the conversation, e-mail me or the other admins/mods. Thanks.
[Edited - As I said, we can continue this via e-mail, not on the board. Thanks. SNT.]

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Great episode and great season so far. I was so hoping that Mr. Fury would do the show some good, the last season was rather disappointing.
Just wanted to say... I thought your snark was brilliant, Allyson. :-)
24's my favorite show on now, period, ridiculousness and all. The first six episodes of this season have been absolutely brilliant in rewriting the typical 24 formula, and the significant continuity with last season--something very rare in the 24 world--has been a very welcome change. Fury's bid last night was the best so far.

It should also be noted that one of the people with whom I watched actually said, "Oh snap, David Fury!" when the writing credit appeared, which has got to be one of the best/lamest ejaculations of excitement I've heard recently.
Znachki--I was thinking the same thing about Audrey. I like Kim Raver and think she does a good job on this show, and I really, really want to like Audrey, but it was stuff like her constantly calling up Jack that drove me nuts last season. I wish the writers would give her a better sense of timing so she would save the sappy phone calls until AFTER the big action sequence, so we wouldn't resent her for making us wait.
I've watched the first three seasons of 24 (taped Seasons 1-2 and watched them during the same years they aired, then bought those seasons and re-watched them with my sister, then finally after a two year break from the franchise bought and devoured Season 3). I think it's hands-down one of the best things on network television. And on a year-by-year comparision, 24's second season was far more enjoyable for me than the bulk of Buffy Season 7 (and somewhere far above 24 Season 2 is Firefly and somewhere not too far below it is Angel Season 4...and I can't remember what else I was watching that year, but I think I'd just discovered Six Feet Under on DVD and that pretty much blew everything out of the water).

I think it has character development, it's just on a smaller scale. Little decisions with huge impact that take place over the course of the day. Personal tragedies (trying to avoid spilers here). And of course there's the season-to-season progressions in character, among those that survive at least. I don't watch so much for the character development though. The gut-wrenching emotional stuff is all there though. Amid the admittedly explosive, somemtimes insanely paced, sometimes ridiculous action/suspense elements. 24's made me cry a few times. And I'm not in agreement with the segment of the fanbase that claim it's all about Jack Bauer. Almost all of the supporting cast/characters in the three seasons I've seen are excellent and just as watchable.
We just need more Cloe, is all. I love her cranky self-confidence and unrepentent girl-geek smarts. And I love how she can wear cute little sweaters and dainty jewelry to work in such a high-power environment without being taken an iota less seriously by all the suits. I guess dress codes can blow when being super-competent is your armor? ;)

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