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January 31 2006

Serenity - the animated review. Listen to what the goldfish has to say, very important.

Robot cats are cool.
Heck, that made my day.
It's gonna be a classic.

Yes, indeed. (Never thought I'd be agreeing with a goldfish.)

Fun. I really liked the animated "clip" from the movie.
Excellent, never seen these guys before but I think I'll have to check out some of their other reviews now.
I think that was one of the more fun reviews that I've seen yet. Short, but to the point...and how can anything with a talking goldfish be bad?
Is there a direct link to the wmv? That embedded is playing for crap.
The animated movie clip was very funny - Great little review.
Chortle! And also, yes!
I met him at the Pittsburgh Comic Con last year and told him when Serenity comes out he has to review it. Told him it would get a lot of hits from Whedon fans. Hadn't check his site rescently to see if he had yet. Glad to see he finally did, also glad he liked it.

Abso-freakin'-lutely brilliant!

I'm so pleased...and it's actually dead on about the marketing.

There is nothing wrong with listening to fish.
What on earth was that? So random.
That was a great (if slightly bizarre) review.

Not sure what his timing comment was about, yes Batman and Star Wars were huge, but they'd been out of theaters for ages, or does he feel people have only 1, maybe 2 trips to the movies in them per year.
Yeah, Serenity wasn't a summer movie, it was a fall movie.
I feel a bit sheepish for admitting it, but I might make it to the movies 1 or 2 times in a year. My 3 year old daughter won't sit through anything but 90-min animated flicks, and movies are getting expensive. Plus, as a public librarian, I pick all the good movies for our collection and watch 'em for free. So I save up my babysitting chits and see 1 or 2 movies a year in the theater. I'm a fan-grrrl, so this year it was Serenity, but if I hadn't already been indoctrinated, it would probably have been Batman Begins.
That was some funny stuff...for a goldfish he is very insightful...even though i think he might just be watching for the boobs.
M'Kay. Love the guy's gruff stubble and the fish's baritone. Short 'n sweet.
I went and checked out the guy's review of the Matrix trilogy. Pretty dang funny -- especially his take on the pointless rave scene from "Reloaded".

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