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March 07 2003

"Faith out-Buffys Buffy" Entertainment Geekly reviews AtS 4x13 "Salvage".

But enough about Wes... he isn't the reason you tuned in this week, right?

...uhm, well...


Oh yeah. Almost forgot.

I used to hate Wes. His character is now the best on Angel...until Faith showed up, of course. :)
When Wes looked at Faith and said "Five by five" after they fell out of the multi-story window and crashed on top of a car, I was so torn because her escape was painfully formulaic, but that moment was such a pay off. Wes was at one time supposed to be Faith's Watcher, and to see how far he's come to where he is now almost her equal, where there's a kinda mutual respect forming there, that made up for the predictable escape pattern.

I'm also glad Wes caught her up so expediently and thoroughly, rather than have Faith not be confident when she met the others Angel Investigation partners. It started their new relationship on the right foot, and moved the plot progression forward better. The old Wes wouldn't have done his job so well, leaving Faith in the dark as the met the gang.

Wes' character started as a bungling humorous stereotype in season three of Buffy. He's grown and evolved. It's a shame we can't get a series where Faith's the Slayer and Wesley is the Watcher and they travel the world together going wherever the clues and the enemy plans take them. That'd work for me so long as they NEVER got Faith & Wes into a Moonlighting/Remington Steele/X-Files Shippy like scenario. Faith & Wes could find one another attractive and even have occasional sex, but never anything serious. I can't stand it when tv shows become microcosms like that. Shippers or not, it ruins the dynamics of any series to have the leads turn to one another rather than outside interests.

The chemistry here between Dushku & Denisof has a lot of potential now, that the character of Wes has been retooled to almost be her equal. I just wish there would be an opportunity to explore those dynamics.

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