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January 31 2006

Firefly Episode Guide Book available. Media Babe Mimi Noyes has published an unofficial episode guide book to Firefly.

This handy reference book includes episode synopses, well-written criticism and a wealth of interesting and behind-the-scenes facts about each episode, as well as character descriptions and guest cast lists.

Well worth the price, you'll want to pick up this book as you're waiting for Titan to release their official book. You'll find that this book contains some great stuff that the Titan book will likely not include.

Oh cool! This book has been available at Scarecrow Video for several months. I'm glad Firefly fans can pick it up on the web now. BTW, when you are in Seattle you MUST visit the legendary Scarecrow Video!! Tarantino once visited Scarecrow Mecca-style. Not sure if he crawled there on his knees, but... ask a Scarecrow specialist to tell you that story. It's a good one!
Has anyone here actually bought this book or at least picked it up and looked through it? It sounds like it could be very good, but I'd like to read some personal testimony.....Relight, have you seen it?

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Yes, I have the book, which is why I posted this item. As I said in my original post, the critiques of each episode are well-written and well thought out and the facts and other info about each episode are interesting. It's basically a typical episode guide book but I don't think a lot of the details and such in this book are going to be the focus of Titan's book, which is why I recommend you get it. At 200 pages it's definitely a good read.

If you have any specific questions I can try to give more details.
I believe Mimi gathered much of her info from Firefly websites, as she has a list of reference websites and sources at the back of the book. But, it's great to have those sorts of things all collected into one book. For example, here's one of the cool facts from the "Out Of Gas" episode section:

"During the filming of this episode Gina Torres was getting married to Laurence Fishburne, which is why her character ends up getting injured. They needed to have Zoe off camera since Gina was going to be off on her honeymoon."
Ah, thanks, Relight. I wasn't sure if you had actually seen it yourself or had read somewhere about it. I'll keep an eye out for it on Amazon. I'm particularly interested to read Mimi's take on Firefly's themes and her critiques of the episodes. I wonder how this book compares to, say, Keith Topping's and Nikki Stafford's unofficial Buffy and Angel guides. I've often wished either Topping or Stafford (or both) would do a Firefly guide. What I like about their books - as opposed to the "official" Buffy/Angel guides - is their unvarnished, opinionated take on the shows. Even if you don't agree with what Topping and Stafford have to say, their lively and well-written opinions make for more interesting reading than the more bland "official" books.

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It's at Amazon. But if you buy it from the author, she'll sign it to you.

Got my copy last week, will be posting a review once I read it, but so far it's much as relight said. Not a lot of stuff I didn't know but I've been obsessively reading every article and interview I can find for a few years now. Very handy having this stuff together.

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