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January 31 2006

Anthony Head wins Theatregoers' Choice Awards. The nod was for Best Supporting Actor (in a Play) for 'Otherwise Engaged.'

Having just seen ASH play a drunk inthe new movie "Imagine me & You", I can well believe he won an award.He was great in it.
I saw Otherwise Engaged in Bath and thought he was fantastic, much better than Richard E Grant (and I'm not just being biased). It was interesting to see him play a character so completely different to Giles.
Yay! It couldn't happen to a nicer Watcher!
He was superb - although I wouldn't say he was much better than Richard E Grant. On the day when Walk the Line failed to get a Best Picture nomination, it's good to see an award go to the right place!
I also agree he was excellent, but think that a lot of people maybe didn't notice how good Richard E. Grant was because he didn't have many lines, and it would be easy to spend the whole time that Tony Head was on stage just with your eyes glued on him, But if you watch Richard E. Grant, he does a fabulous job with just his expressions.

But, yay! for Tony Head, anyway.
I just wasn't convinced that Richard E Grant captured the right tone of the character, the right level of irony. But that's just my opinion. And usually being a big fan of Richard E Grant I did spend quite a bit of the play looking at him :).
I watched the show last week in London and I think they are both great and the comedy is very least for large part (but not in the end...very bittersweet!!)

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