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February 01 2006

Trpcic Jewelry Catalog Available. Auction hasn't started yet, but it's time to start a shopping list.

Commence to drool...

I e-mailed a question to Ms. Trpcic for her original costume auction, and she was a totally nice person in her reply. There's also an interview with her on Firefly Talk that was really interesting.

This is the kewlest way ever to raise money for college for your kids -- Ms. Trpcic *rocks*! BTW, the clothes that didn't sell last time are also back up for auction. Support these auctions if you can. ;-)
The jewelry auctions will be going up either tomorrow or Friday. Overnight shipping will be available if you need it to arrive by Valentine's Day.

The costumes will be going up on the 13th, the Monday after WonderCon.

There is also one more costume that will be added between now and then. It is a gorgeous Indian dress that was Shawna's bridal reception dress. It wasn't used in the series, but probably would have been if the series had continued. And did I mention it being gorgeous?

--ray (Shawna's webmaster)
Shawna's auctions for Inara's jewelry, and other jewelry from the Firefly series is now live on eBay. The auctions end a week from today, in time to be overnight shipped to you by Valentine's Day.

Happy hunting!

PS: The remainder of the costumes will go up for auction on Monday the 13th.

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