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February 01 2006

Serenity starts on Pay Per View February 2nd on Dish Network. It plays at least through the entire month of February on Dish Network. February 2nd is also the start date for it on In Demand, Comcast, and Direct TV.

Thanks for the heads up. I might just have to order it tomorrow.
I don't know what the breakdown is for how much Universal gets per buy and how much the PPV company gets to keep, (anyone got an answer about that feel free to chime in) but putting it just a click away from people might expose some new fans.

I have Dish Network, so I can only speak about them, but they cross-promote their Pay Per View movies very well with commercials on just about all their stations, and a channel devoted entirely to the subject. It seems to be a pretty important part of their business plan. Serenity happens to be on the first two PPV channels on the system, which is the best positioning.
I was wondering how many stars Serenity would be rated on the Dish on-screen guide. Well its 3 stars, which is pretty good.
I was disappointed yesterday morning when I saw the preview and, as it hasn't for the past three years on my local TV Guide station, the audio didn't match the video. I'm sure whatever they say isn't much different from the trailer, but I'd still like to see it without the audio to Million Dollar Baby, March of the Penguins and such, though it can be rather amusing.
I looked for the movie on Comcast's OnDemand service this morning, but didn't find it. Will have a bash again after work.

In the meantime, I found other fun things listed at Comcast's website that I'll have to check out (and sorry in advance for the formatting! I don't know how/if one can do a table on this forum):

Full Title
Display Title
Menu Selection

TV Guide
TV Entertainment/TV Guide Spot/Big Movie Guide/Making Of

Thriller Movies
Movies/All New Releases

Serenity: The Fans Of Serenity Free Extra
Serenity Extra
Free Extras
Movies/Free Extras

Serenity: The Universe of Serenity
TV Guide
TV Entertainment/TV Guide Spot/Big Movie Guide/Wait There's More

Supposedly these all started today. I'll check it out tonight -- assuming I didn't just mess up my cable service today by making another change in my subscription!

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