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February 02 2006

Morena Baccarin on tonight's episode of The O.C. Inara from Firefly/Serenity guest stars.

Well, I'm either going to see Serenity for the final Portland showing, or staying home and watching the O.C. Or, I'm going to see Serenity and taping the O.C. Anything for another Inara/Nandi scene.
Morena is officially one of the hottest women i have ever had the pleasure of watching on a television screen.

That said, there is not a chance in hell that even her appearance would make me willingly choose to sit through The O.C.! Neeeever gonna happen! :)
Sigh, another episode without Taylor.
Hmm. If she interacts with Julie, I will make up Firefly dialogue in my head.
The actor who portayed Nandi is on the O.C.?
Yep. See her entry on IMDB. (I've never seen the O.C. either)
*looks up IMDB*

Oh like HELL Melinda Clarke is 6 years YOUNGER than I am. *cries*

The O.C is my guilty pleasure, but it's now up against "My Name is Earl," so... hey! Alan Tudyk should guest star on Earl! LOL!
I gave up on The OC after the season three premiere, but it's Morena, so how can I not see it? In a perfect world they'd just kill off everyone else on the series and have it focus on her character.

Well a girl can dream...
OzLady, Alan Tudyk already did an amazing guest spot on "Arrested Devolopment" playing Pastor Veal, Anne's (George Michael's crazy religious girlfriend's) father. I must say, it was an amazing performance. Afterwards there was a big showdown in the church and good ol' Wash was beating on Jason Bateman for humping his wife. Good times.
Don't forget this is going to be the first time we see Morena in HD.:D
...Inara the companion turned SoCal socialite or Skip the demon turned jerky boyfriend to endearing receptionist...

...Are there any other people who are marginally conflicted between The OC and The Office? (they're only four letters away...)

Who's her character?
Worth it. It's Morena freaking Baccarin. That said, I'm ashamed to have to admit I'm going to watch the show.
Much as I love Morena, not watching it.

And damn it, I've yet to see the episode of Arrested Development with Alan! I love that show, and I cannot wait until I get to see Mr. Leaf on the Wind on it.
Like Faith Antoinette, I watched the first 2 seasons, then lost interest. But I'll definitely check it out tonight. (BTW, for another Whedon connection, Drew Z. Greenberg was a writer/producer on the show last season.)
i plan on watching it tonight. I can't stand OC, but any time to just see her or other cast member's I will take it. Which episode in arrested development was Alan in? I am not a fan of the show but like I said before I would love to see it!
Sure, there's The OC and My Name is Earl/The Office, but where's the Beauty and the Geek love? *gets out of range of flying objects fast* ;-)
billz, I like Beauty and the Geek. I mainly started watching because hey, there might be some hot geeks on there. Yeah, I'm shallow. But I didn't think it was possible for a reality show to actually have a good message. But I'm still waiting for the reverse show, where the girls are the geeks.
ESG, I keep reading that it is on the way...
ESG, as newcj just said, the reverse version of Beauty and the Geek is actually happening. In fact i read something about it just the other day but i can't recall whereabouts it was. If i see it again i'll let you know.
Arrested Development S2E16. The DVD is already in stores.
I once sat through an episode of the OC to catch the sneak peak of Beck's newest record.
Just caught a glimpse and she's looking real good - oooh my! Good to see her on screen again.
Hey, thanks, ESG, newcj & VWag, I didn't know there was going to be a reversed Beauty and the Geek! As a geek my own self, I admit I have been watching (not to mention it's in that Everwood timeslot, which we watch by reflex anyway), but a reversed version would rock!

UnpluggedCrazy, the Alan Tudyk Arrested Development is soooo worth your effort to find, on Netflix or buying the set or whatever. That whole plot about George Michael's girlfriend being totally forgettable and an extremely conservative person is hi-larious already. Add AT as her dad and Ione Skye as her mom, and it's hi-larious-cubed. :-)

Back on topic, yay Morena! You might have actually convinced me to tape The OC so I can fast-forward through the non-Morena-y non-goodness. ;-)
Ok, I am watching the O.C>, it is for sure Morena appears on tonight's episode right? If she doesn't, I will feel my hour has been stolen, when I could be watching snow collecting....
She didn't even have a speaking role dammit..and I so wanted her to be the woman that Julie Cooper didn't want Dr. Roberts to date. Man that was a tease.
It would have been so much better if they got all the O.C. Whedonesque alums in one room (i.e. Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke, Wentworth Miller (ok, so he's still on Prison Break, but whatever)) and had them duke it out in a wildly sarcastic reference-off. But yeah, that's never gonna happen. It was still funny seeing Seth Cohen getting amusement from a blank TV screen though.

[ edited by Gwendolyn Post on 2006-02-03 05:17 ]
8 seconds of screen time and no lines... What a letdown. It sounds like she could be recurring though. So now I'll have to watch more O.C. *sigh*
I was looking for her the whole episode, and didn't see her.. When was she on, what was her character? I might of missed that part or didn't notice her
It would have been so much better if they got all the O.C. Whedonesque alums in one room (i.e. Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke, Wentworth Miller (ok, so he's still on Prison Break, but whatever)) and had them duke it out in a wildly sarcastic reference-off.
There was always the Veronica Mars scene where AH and Charisma Carpenter faced off. I believe the snark that marked that Whedonverse moment was: . Not to mention The Man himself appeared in another ep, as the bestest car rental clerk ever. I loves me some VM! ;-)
I'm hoping that the brief glimpse of MB was the intro of a recurring role, and there was some suggestion of that in the plot. Because if I watched the whole OC for that, I'll be annoyed. (I had trepidations when she was the last guest actor listed.)
ETA: somehow this posted twice. Mea culpa.

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Augh. This is a nightmare. Ya'll are having fun with it, I can see, and that's cool. But to me, it's beyond sad. Morena on the OC (for one). She doesn't even speak (for two).



The hell with this. We ALL know how much better she is than this. Even her deodorant commercial had two lines. Great. Just great. The 'verse actors get such little respect. It makes me want to cry.
Well, that was a gyp. 8 seconds indeed.

But on the upside, please let Johnny be dead now. Or at least in a coma for three seasons. (And hopefully The O.C. will be cancelled by then. I was once a fan of The O.C. but this season has been absolutely terrible.)
Is it me or did Mischa Barton actually start eating again? She looks a lot better.

I'm mostly just annoyed byt the Say No to Pot message in Seth's story arc. Is this what this show has come to? Poor Adam Brody.

*Note to mods: I didn't use html in this post so I have no idea why it's all wonky.

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The culprit was an unclosed italics bracket in the previous comment, esg. All better now.

Come on, guys. I'd like to hear some opinions, perhaps?
My opinion on The O.C. is that it's a satire of the night time soap genre, and doesn't really seem to take itself too seriously. There are great things about the show: Adam Brody's charismatic wit and great taste in music, Peter Gallagher and his sexy eyebrows, and the great acting of most of the adult actors. It's just harmless soapy fun. Not meant to be anything more.

I didn't see Morena but I was multi-tasking. With my new laptop I can watch TV and surf the net at the same time! Wheeee! I did hear that Morena was going to be in a number of episodes so hopefully she'll be on next week. Tonight's episode got me intrigued enough to watch again. I want to see if Johnny dies.

Oh, and another positive thing about this show is that Mischa can actually kind of act now. Her atrocious acting was what made me quit the show in the first place.
Willowy, i'd give my opinion on The O.C. but that kind of language may be enough to get me banned from Whedonesque for life.

ESG pretty much hit the nail on the head though. The show is basically a weekly soap for teens which explains why i took an instant dislike it. I cannot stand anything remotely soap opera related. Filling the show with a bunch of young, wealthy, self involved B-list wannabees may not have helped either! ;)
I heard that Morena's character will apear in a few more epsiodes--hinting that she will probably get to speak...eventually!
I guess the glimpse I got of her was the only scene she had in this episode... I also heard she would appear on a few.

As for respect, Willowy, here is my opinion : whether or not we like it, the OC is fairly popular and any exposure on it will reach a large audience who may not have had the pleasure of seeing her prior. I second ESG's opinion for the OC - a wacky parody, not to be taken seriously.

For those of you who missed it here is a link to screen caps of Morena's appearance (from

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UGH, just now checking Whedonesque. Serves me right for not checking it yesterday. OC was really good the first season, and then things went down hill from there. I had the OC on but I started to taste a little vomit in my throat, so I had to turn it off. I'll try real hard to watch Morena if she is in up coming episodes, but it will be very hard.
Thanx, coolpeace for the link, she looks amazing. And basically for those who missed the episode, thats all there was :(. I know its just a soap, but I am so desperate to see more of the actors of the Firefly 'verse, even if its not their own characters.
I don't see a "respect" problem with Morena being on The O.C. I'm sure she's happy to do it.

In defense of the show, at its best (e.g. season 2's "The Rainy Day Women") it has been very good IMHO. And as far as soap opera goes, Buffy wouldn't have been as compelling without the soap opera. I don't think soap is bad in itself, it's just a question of whether the themes go deeper than that.
Well, thanks for the Arrested Development episode information, folks, but I wasn't the one who posed that question. ;-)

I own both season sets, just I've yet to get around to finishing them up.
I liked The OC in the first season; it was a cute wink to soapy teen shows like 90210, and most of the actors were appealing. I actually thought it was kinda like BUFFY; not as good, mind you, but played with clichés of a worn-out genre. But as it went on, it got less fun and the soap stuff started getting... too soapy. And it doesn't help that the leading lady (Misha Barton) is wooden, and her character is blah-blah-poor-rich-girl boring. Anyway, this is the first time I've watched since the beginning of second season, and well... it hasn't gotten much better from when I stopped watching. That said, it sure seems like they are building up Morena's character, what with all the background info, and casting someone who can act and is starting to become a name, not just a pretty face (which is all they really needed if it was a one-shot). So, yeah, I guess I'm back to watching, but I'll follow Morena anywhere, because I think she is an amazing actress.
I agree with dizzy--Morena's character's appearance seems to be setting up yet another ethical crisis for Sandy. While I'm more than tired of Mischa Barton, I'm still hooked on the show, which always manages to surprise me at least once per episode.

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