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February 02 2006

Anthony Head thanks everyone who voted for him at Theatregoers' Choice Awards. His reaction to winning Best Supporting Actor for Otherwise Engaged.

ASH hasn't won any awards before this? How can that be?
He looks so happy. Nice.
Are we having a surprise "See how many Anthony Head related links we can find" week here at Whedonesque? I can't remember the last time ASH had so many totally unrelated stories posted here at once.
He has a birthday coming up this month too, so expect to see more stories regarding ASH. ;)
Congratulations, Mr. Head! Well done! ;)
VWAG, I was just going to comment on how busy it seems he's been lately!

Go, ASH! Just be sure to pencil in the Spike movie. ;)
"Blow me sideways!"

Bwah! I don't know if I've ever heard that expression before but I'm going to use it every chance I can. What a nice guy.
Willowy, couldn't agree more on ASH being a part of the Spike movie. Of course, if that happened to be directly followed up with a Giles movie, this would also not suck.

Hell, ASH seems to be happy about the possibility of working in the States again, let's make it a Ripper series! ;)
Wasn't the point of the Ripper supposed to be set in England? ;-)

Anyway, link doesn't seem to be working at the moment (or at least not for me), so I'll just have to take everyone's word for how happy he looks. Still glad ASH won, though.
I don't think it was ever a matter that Ripper had to be set in England. It was just that ASH seemed to be happier with that idea (due to the family commitments) and Joss developing the idea around what he wanted.

Personally i'd be a lot happier with it set in the U.S. if it ever happened. More episodes each season! ;)

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