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"I wanted to do a show about people who are not 'super,' just working-class people, the people history steps on. (Joss on Firefly)"
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February 02 2006

'These Girls' - the trailer. David Boreanaz and Caroline Dhavernas together? Go and have a look.

Cool to finally see a trailer for it; remember hearing about it quite some time ago.
Yeah, I hope it gets a release over here. Not sure I'd normally watch this kind of thing but I needs me some more Caroline and David is just a bonus :)
I am looking forward to seeing this immensely, even more so now we have a lovely trailer. Caroline Dhavernas should be in absolutely everything! Now, what would I give for a UK release...
That was hysterically unexpected!
My girlfriend and I both love Wonderfalls and Angel. Besides the stories and all the characters, I think Caroline is attractive and she thinks David's the hottest thing ever, so she'll be excited about the high skin level in this.
Two years later. Sheesh.
Watched the Trailer, wait ,these girls are all Canucks (Montreal types too) and the TM's logos on the site are Canadian.
......It kills me that one of them Amanda Walsh (x-VJ from MuchMusic Channel) always looked and sounded about 14 when she is really 20ish... I digress.

Anyway, will you Yanks and Brits get to see the movie? Canadian movie don't get good distrubution outside of Canada. (sometimes inside too)!

It looks lilke fun
Hmm this was at the Toronto film festival right? Whats also cool, for those of us who have watched Muchmusic(the canadian version of mtv), was that one of the former VJ's from Quebec, Amanda Walsh is in this movie. I really want to see it too.

DOH someone beat me to it by 2 minutes!!! Oh well, still cool anyways.

OH and apparently it has been picked up for release in Canada, according to the theatrical release info. So maybe, it might go further, otherwise... buy the DVD.

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Finally! I'm at work, so I cant watch just yet... but strangely enough, I remembered this the other day. And wondered where on earth it ended up. Much like Tom Lenk's Window Theory.
Window Theory is apparently soon to see DVD release.
Good trailer. Made me want to see it.
What happened to Emma Caulfield's 'Bandwagon'?
why does Caroline Dhavernas look so familiar? I am assuming she was a charactor in the Buffy/Angel verse?
Caroline was the star of Wonderfalls, Tim Minear's short-lived series, in which Jewel Staite also had a major, multi-episode guest role. Available on DVD!

This movie looks like a lot of fun! I'll definitely be there - Caroline and David, great combination!
What is the name of that gorgeous actress who played the chick with the power to control electricity on Angel? I think Gunn cheated on Fred with her didn't he?
Alexa Davalos is the name of the actress - Gwen Raiden is her character on Angel - Gunn didn't cheat on Fred though, they had already split up.

Looking forward to seeing this film, hope it makes it to the UK if only on DVD. It will be good to see David in a more comedic role - he's so good at it.

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Not sure when this happened, but holy cow! I would see it. I love David, but i especially miss Caroline :( Lets hope for some kind of release at all.
So where is this being released? Anyway, it's about damn time. I've been dying to see it.
From what I could tell, it's set only for theatrical release in Canada. Looks like there's a DVD release in May.

Caroline was the star of Wonderfalls, Tim Minear's short-lived series, in which Jewel Staite also had a major, multi-episode guest role. Available on DVD!

I'm not sure if "Short Lived" quite captures the fate of Wonderfalls -- a show that was not given even the chance that Firefly was! It was a wonderfull >> ahem << show, and Jewel was hysterical in it (and completely unlike Kaylee. I mean, her character in WF was about as selfish and duplicitous as Kaylee is kind and open). From what I understand the decision to cancel it was make pretty much before the pilot hit the airwaves. FOX broadcast all of what, four episodes? Thank god for DVDs!

And one final blurb about the delightful oddity that was Wonderfalls, I've noticed that it seems to have been picked up in it's afterlife by (amognst others) both a gay/lesbian cable network and a Christian cable network.
David Boreanaz and Caroline Dhavernas? I am so there! Good link, Simon! :-)
Oh, yes! I've been wondering what happened to this! Two of my fave people to watch onscreen will make me excited, no matter what the storyline. I really hope it is made available to us in the U.S., and soon!

And Oh.My.Goodness...David stark naked covering his "parts" with nothing but a small book!!!

*off to watch trailer again*
I'm with Billz on this, good linkage Simon.
That looks kind of amusing, even with Carolines v.o, which I may enjoy more than all of DB's acting.
Yep, it was at the Toronto International Filn Festival and DB came to the first showing. Very funny movie but low budget.The real hit though is another local actress, Holly Lewis, who has been playing teenagers for a long time and can still pull it off better than Caroline Dhavernas, although the latter does a good job as well.
And Oh.My.Goodness...David stark naked covering his "parts" with nothing but a small book!!!

Don't you mean a BIG book? Heehee.
I saw it at the TorFilmFest last September and wrote about it in my own low-watt blog called Arts and Asian. It's the fourth item down. FULL OF SPOILERS!

For those who feel this blog is beneath them, heh: I liked the film overall, especially for the little unexpected changes of directions in the story. Best thing is that it will come across as utterly non-Hollywood.

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Count me in for anything with DB near-nakedness! Is that DVD release for the U.S. too or just Canada? I'll be highly disappointed if it doesn't make it at all to the U.S.

Edited to hopefully answer my own question; at imdb there is a comment that we U.S. folks will have to wait for the DVD release in May, I hope that means a region 1 release (is Canada region 1 too?)

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Ah, this actually looks like it could be fun. If nothing else, I'll just import the canadian DVD.

What happened to Emma Caulfield's 'Bandwagon'?

Now that's something I've been wondering for quite some time as well.
Hehe funny trailer. Nice to 'see' DB is a lighter role, book instead of a cushion this time I note. And CD is always a joy to watch.

Guess if not released here then I'll be buying imported DVD.
Anyone else notice the striking similarity in the font for THESE GIRLS and MEAN GIRLS? Though MEAN GIRLS does incorporates a thin version of the same font for "GIRLS." Even the color pallete is the same. Surely no accident...
That said, Hooray for this movie finally coming out!
I saw These Girls at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. I didn't expect it to be as laugh-out-loud funny as it was. It was just hysterical in spots.
You're right about Wonderfalls of course, pbk... due to its popularity, and this is rather amusing, most of the unaired episodes were actually available - promptly after the four aired episodes - on the internet, quite some time before the DVDs were even announced, sourced from TV screeners.
David Boreanaz and Caroline Dhavernas? Word. I'll see this sucker.
And if you live in San Francisco, well the movie is being shown there this weekend.
Will definitely see it if I get the chance.

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