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February 02 2006

Sideshow 'City Of' Angel preview. Sideshow's first figure for new Angel line.

He looks good - can't wait to see what his accessories will be and if he'll come with the mechanical arm stakes that pop out of his sleeves!

Holy crap!

That's AMAZING! He looks exactly like Angel. This sculpt is just incredible. If they don't give him weird joints or ill-fitting clothes, this is a must-have.

And I'm not even a 12-inch collector. I'm the six-inch fanatic (ok, that sounded a lot more sexual than it did in my head...).

bl, this one's for you, girl. Don't you have every foot-long ever? LOOK at his face! Again I say, amazing.
I know - I must have him!! I was really going to try and resist when I heard about the new Angel line. I wasn't going to buy another human faced Angel but this one is just stunning! And yes, I have all the figures from the Buffy line released so far. Now there's the Angel line starting up and if they end up doing a Firefly/Serenity line (and believe me, those of us at the Sideshow forum have been begging them to do this) I'm probably going to end up in divorce court!! Just kidding, luckily I have a very accommodating husband when it comes to my all consuming passion for all things Whedon!

And, according to a Sideshow VIP over at the Sideshow Freaks board, this is the actual production head and not a prototype so no freakish Willow surprise!!
WOOO HOO!!! FINALLY! Thanks SIdeshow! And as FF said, We'll keep begging for those Firefly/Serenity figures!
MINE. *happy dances*
Ha! bl, good for you, you bad-ass collector!

I think you need to go looking into another barn for your new bookcase, 'cause this one looks to be a killer series!

Just be sure to wear rubber glovesand a mask for all the bat guano!!

**Apologies to those newbies that don't know what the hell we're talking about... it's a 'thing' she had to deal with, way previously.**

Don't question the looove, babe, just go with it! :D

No seriously, I'm a collector in my own right, but my love pales in comparison to bl... she really is the queen of the figures, here. I think even Madhatter, my fellow in six-inch acquisition, will back me up here.

Have fun with this new series, bl, and post us some pics on the Flickr when you get him!
Wow, that is a good likeness. Best Angel Figure. Ever.

I'm impressed with your collection, Bl. I just own a 6-inch Magic Box Anya, and that was a gift. Someday when I'm rich, maybe I'll catch up with you.
Heh, I just own 4 figures (Angel, The Master, Oz and Giles and a bunch of other merchandise), but I do promplty display them in a Buffy/Angel-themed display cabinet in the living room. Does that give me some points? ;-)

Anyway, other than that and to chime in with the rest: this Angel figure looks absolutely amazing. I might have to get this, even though I already own an Angel figure.
I love my S1 six-inch Angel figure (who does a splendid job defending my Mac from demons), but this looks like an absolute must-have. Beautiful! Can't wait to see him in all his King-of-Pain-swirly-long-black-coated glory.
Wow, that is an amazing likeness. Probably the best 12" figure I've seen so far. Looks as they have even captured the smirk. Let's hope that his clothes and accessories do the sculpt justice.

I normally collect the 6" figures but I will make an exception for this one. (I have already upgraded my bookcase with the arrival of Illyria & Fred).
Oh my Spike figure's going to be very happy to hear about this...I think..:)

Love the look of this one. I think it does a fair job of making it look like 'early Angel' and I'm also looking forward to seeing what other characters they'll be releasing next. I can't wait for a Wes.
Must have this!
Finally, a figure with an excellent likeness. Hopefully a sign of things to come, because I haven't seen one that good for a while.
ESG - I'm not rich - frugal with everything else in my life but when it comes to these Sideshow figures I must have them!!! And when you do start collecting go with Ebay first - you can find some great deals on there. I got the first Buffy, three Gentlemen, second Buffy, human Angel, and the hard to find human Spike with the extra hands all from one seller for about $100! They were already opened but I didn't care because I open them anyway.

I'm mostly looking forward to an Illyria figure and a later season Wes figure from this line. I'm not planning on getting every figure from this line like I've done with the Buffy line but I definitely want the main characters.

And for all of you who don't own any of the Sideshow figures but may get this one, they are very addictive and you'll want them all!!
Excellent find, bl! That's the best likeness of Angel I've seen yet on the 12" figures. And I wholeheartedly agree with Willowy. When it comes to the 12" action figures, you are considered the judge.

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