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February 03 2006

Preview of 'Conviction' featuring J. August Richards. Created by Dick Wolf (Mr Law and Order), this show should air on NBC sometime soon.

I've never really watched more than a few episodes of any of the Law % Order shows. I'd probably watch this one even if didn't have J.A.R. in it. Definitely not going to miss this.

I think it starts in March, by the way.
Also: Eric Balfour is first on the (alphabetical) cast list on IMDB.
I used to watch SVU because I liked the cases and the cops are interesting. The format is too stand-aloney though. I get bored with that. But if I can I'll check out the first episode of Conviction just to see what it's like, and to see J's character. Hell, I watched the CSI episode he was barely in and boy was that boring.
I love this clip. Maybe it's the music, or the good-looking (but not cookie-cutter) cast, or the way it's edited, but it really hooks me and I feel like I already care for these guys! That one shot of Eric Balfour feels like it says so much (I don't know what it says, but it feels like a lot...). Yeah, I'll definitely check it out.
Conviction premieres Friday, March 3 at 10 pm on NBC in the U.S.

Supposedly the show will focus more on character development and less on the procedural aspects of the L&O universe. Multiple storylines during the course of a one-hour show are anticipated.
That clip needed more J. August....if he doesn't play a big role on the show then I won't watch.
It's J. August. I gotta watch. Like ESG, I sat through CSI Miami for him. I don't have Book of Daniel to watch on Fridays anymore, so go Jesse and Gunn!
Confusing first thought was the first episode of Angel Season 5.
For Harmalicious - Book Of Daniel unaired episodes are available online for free viewing on the NBC site. Watched last week's episode. Each Friday a new epospde of the remaining four will be made available.

Conviction will be a nice addition to Friday nights especially since it is supposed to be character driven. I miss J. August.
But if I can I'll check out the first episode of Conviction just to see what it's like, and to see J's character.

That me as well.

Re: The Book of Daniel - What a great show! I'm so glad that NBC was considerate enough to deliver the episodes to fans in an alternative format, even if they did skip the fourth episode (which they don't plan to show online - next Friday's episode will be the last).
Thanks Invisible Green. Now I am frustrated -again. How to ruin a good show.
Good info, thanks angel fan.

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