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February 03 2006

(SPOILER) James Marsters and Gina Torres say 'More, Please'. Both Whedonverse actors are set to reappear in their respective series in upcoming weeks (or eventually, as the case may be). (Additional character spoilers for both shows; no plot info).

JM's reprise of Braniac comes after he finishes working on the straight-to-DVD thriller Shadow Puppets.

(AA columns include multiple spoilers for many other shows.)

where are the james marsters and gina torres references? I can't find them!
As usual, I have a hard time getting the TV Guide site to come up, so I couldn't tell ya!

What show has Gina Torres been on lately?
I'm avoiding the page due to spoilyness but Gina Torres has played a baddie on Alias which is ending this year so i'd guess it's probably that she's going back for.
I can't find the Gina reference at all, but I'm hoping its Alias, especially as this season will be its last. I still think "Parity" was one of the most entertaining episodes of TV ever.
Yippee, more Gina on Alias!! She has great cheistry with Jen. Good to know this is Jen's first day back after her maternity leave with baby Violet. Can't wait to see how it all will end.

After last night's episode of Smallville, I have decided to stop watching it until James reappears. It is just too bad for words. Even Tom's pretty lashes can't make me watch.
For those who couldn't find the refs, James's return as Brainiac is mentioned about half-way down the page of the first link, and Gina's return in Alias is mentioned in the second link (through "eventually").
Thanx SNT!! I am a bit slow... hehe.

I never watched alias, except an episode here and there, but to see Gina Torres(as a major villian not some silent 8 second bit part...*grumbles wasting Morena's talent*), I am so there. And to think Gina and Amy might be on in the same episode! Jasmine and Fred...I am getting the shivers.
Apologies to all that I wasn't more specific about the location of each bit on the different pages. It was very late, and I was in the latter stages of system shutdown for the night ;)

I can't remember if it's been alreadly been noted here, but in one of these columns (couldn't locate it last night) AA mentioned she's just been made a regular. I guess that means we can look forward to seeing her in every episode for the rest of the season. Yay!
JM's reprise of Braniac comes after he finishes working on the straight-to-DVD thriller Shadow Puppets.

So we're *sure* JM's film is straight-to-DVD? I'd heard/read that it was, but I was still hoping a bit. Dang. ::pouts::
No,we are not "sure" of that. Mike Ausiello is the only one who has ever called it "straight to DVD". Writergroupie,however,who has spoken to the people making the film says they always intended to have it be a theatrical release and that no plans whatsoever are set in stone yet. So,I think you can go back to "hoping" as am I, to see James on the big screen in a starring role.
Can i just say, whilst we are on the topic of James' role in Smallville, i caught an episode the other night (the one that introduced Aquaman) featuring his Brainiac character and i have to say i really enjoyed it. First time in a very long time that i have sat through a full episode of the series. Can't see Smallville ever becoming Must See television for me but i'll try catch the episodes focusing on JM.

Also, loved the J.L.A. mention, even if it was just the Junior Lifeguard Association! ;)
Berry - While it may not be straight to DVD, even you yourself (I assume this is you) acknowledge that it will be booked for limited release and festival, meaning to most of us it may as well be direct to DVD.
For me, Smallville died after the second appearance of Christopher Reeve. Not cuz of Reeve. REEVE WAS GREAT don't get me wrong. Loved that Curt Swan thing, or whatever the character's name was. It's just that just happened to be where everything after that went downhill.

I was willing to set aside any and all deference I had for the source material, and I appreciated Smallville for what it was: a modernized retelling of a near century old classic work for a new generation to appreciate. For what it is, it has done its job quite well. However, around the time they had that cliffhanger where Clark CHOSE to put on the red krypto ring that makes him all gaflooey? And then Lana like turns out to be some kinda witch descendant and Chloe was blown up in a building but not really and Pete knew about Clark's secret so naturally they have to write him out of the story and not explain why and then Lex Luthor's gone crazy cuz of his Dad and Clark and his two timing conniving fiance who we all knew was gonna turn on him but of course he falls in love with her anyway and an airplane accident and somewhere in all this Martha gets pregnant with an alien child and that goes all kablooey...

I realized I wasn't watching the early days of Superman. I was watching a poorly written soap opera. I had to permanently change the channel to keep my lower intestines from crawling up into my esophagus and throttling my own brain.

I'm sure James Marsters is thrilling as Brainiac. More power to him. I for one will never know for sure and I think it's best I don't.

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Vampire With A Gun: "Can't see Smallville ever becoming Must See television for me but i'll try catch the episodes focusing on JM."

I think you said that very well. I find the show somewhat entertaining, but not MUST SEE. In fact, I've missed it the past few weeks even though I had every intention of watching it, because when Thursday at 8:00 rolled around I thought, "There's nothing on, I'll just watch CSI on Spike TV." and I totally forgot it was on.

I know many really despise the show for various reasons, but I don't. I just take it for what it is (fairly entertaining), not what it's not (a Whedon show). The hubby and I do joke that you don't have to watch the last ten minutes because it invariably involves two characters staring deep into each other's eyes like they're constipated or about to smooch (you choose), discussing whatever trauma happened that day. My favorite is when the pair happens to be Lex and Clark!

Still haven't gotten into full swing with the trusty Dish DVR. I need to just plug in the names of any shows I might possibly consider watching, then I don't have to care if I miss an ep.

I'm glad James landed a recurring role on the show, I think it will do him better in the long run than landing a bunch of no name comedic movie type roles. Not to knock any other alum that seem to be making those rounds. I just wouldn't see those types of roles helping JM's career, or what I picture he'd like to accomplish anyway.

I'm definitely looking forward to Brainiac reappearing.

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Looks like Gina Torres has been signed for at least the 100th episode of Alias. Should be lots of action fun. :)

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