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March 08 2003

David Fury posts at the Bronze Beta and explains a certain scene from 'Salvage'.

Actually it was a lame jewel-encrusted ripoff of a Bringer variety. It didn't look much like the prop used in the series earlier in the season. Maybe it's just that in full lighting in the courtyard, the props for Buffy look cheesier than they do in dark shadows that fights usually happen, but I found the knife used in the prison scene to be laughable. I also didn't understand why they just had some lame-o cellmate attack Faith. They shoulda done a whole episode where the prison slowly got taken over by an evil presence, which possessed the wardens and prisoners alike, forcing Faith to escape on her own.

That scene was a throw-away necessary to progress the plot. There was a lot of potential there for drama, and was completely wasted. But then, I'm not sure if I'd be interested in a whole episode that ultimately became a womens' prison thing. "Big Mad Mama and The Doll House" ick no thank you! So maybe it's for the best.
Images of the dagger. Note, there are two pages.
Give me a break -- a whole episode in the women's prison? What would the title be, "Caged Heat II: Ya gotta have Faith?"

Nah, I think just having a little allusion to the Buffy goings-on, similar to how Angel called up to Sunnydale for just a moment was perfect. The only thing I thought could have been extended a little bit was Faith's escape. Dive through the glass, beat up the guards, jump out the window and you're out?

A little too easy, but again, it got us to the really good parts of the episode.

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