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February 03 2006

Angel inspires fan film tribute called 'Vangelis'. According to the creator, fans should be seeing the adventures of Vangelis, Cornelia, Leslie, George and Funne (with a cameo by Muffin the Turtle Killer) as soon as the San Diego Comic Con or earlier. This sounds utterly brilliant.

Check out the Vangelis film Live Journal for more details.

well, that does it. I MUST go to San Diego to see just that...along with whoever is going to be there.
Will the background music for "Vangelis" be the theme from "Chariots of Fire"?
That's just what I was wondering, cjl. I was trying to picture how it might work.
LOL- Vangelis sounds like the marriage of Vaseline & Angel. My mind immediately went to it's happy slashy place.
Must go to Comic Con!!! This sounds quite amusing.

looking, you are so bad :)
LOL. Hilarious stuff. I especially laughed at "Fred/George" and "Lorne/Forlorne".
Didn't Vangelis do the music for Blade Runner?

Anyhow, this does sound very, very cool. Oh, and "Wolfee and Mann" is great.
" 'There's something special about sharing this tribute film as a 'special' love letter of sorts with other fans of 'Angel' on the big screen, versus something that is seen and forgotten quickly on the net.' "

He's a leaf on the wind watch how he soars. Yeah huh.

What's they got against the 'Net? Red verus Blue isn't some flash in the pan idea. These Vangelis guys got it all wrong. Using the Internet would get it seen by more people. I'm really tired of people misunderstanding the proper use of the Internet. It's not like they can make money on this 'parody' anyway. Not without getting in some serious trouble. They might as well let Vangelis be seen by as many people as possible, on or offline.

Besides, it's like if a game doesn't play on a PC it's not real to me. I don't believe in buying an XBox, Nintendo, and whatever else is out there just to play games. I already have a computer. If I can't play it on this thing then to me it's just not there.

I don't go to conventions, especially if they're in California. So far as I'm concerned if this doesn't become available outside select screenings at conventions where you have to pay outrageous prices to get in and memoribilia and for signings and blah blah blah, far as I'm concerned Vangelis won't exist. This isn't about reality, but perception of reality.
The only way to see these films is to go to comic cons? What about the people who can't afford to travel and who don't get conventions in their area? *cough*pacific northwest*cough* That's not fair. Grumble grumble.
Fan films are usually shown at comic cons and such like. Not everyone has the bandwidth or can afford the money to put these films online.
Hi there, this is Harvey Chin, the guy who wrote and shot the fan film spoof/ homages to "Angel"--- first, giant thanks to cityofangel and Simon for being so generous and supportive of the whole fan project right off the bat!

Just logged in here to respond and thank everyone for the interest anyhow- I will be sure to respond to everything about this project, pro or con, if you took the time to talk about it, least I can do is try to respond to the post. So, with that, will mention some things that might clarify:

First off: It is a fan film. I had no money, I'm not rich, and it is NOT a professional production... and I'm NOT selling it, but giving it away free via the net after I see whether or not it can have a chance to be seen with a group of people on a large tv/projector at a convention.

Conventions might not want it! But I'd like to try it first. That's all.
Also, some festivals and conventions DON'T want or WON'T ACCEPT work that been shown on the internet, so that's why the delay, not trying to be a snob about our fan project at all!

So, it's going to be a freebie regardless- I'd be flattered if people WANT to download it--- that's a MAJOR compliment in my op if anyone wants to download material one puts up, and I do realize that!

But, because of some of the current restrictions, that's why I'm waiting. I also want to get the actors back to tell more stories, and if it does get accepted at some festivals like we're trying, then it's a cool experience for my cast and crew that they wouldn't get otherwise.

Some filmmakers are trying to make a portfolio and career out of modest fan films. That's not the goal. And the camera was pretty shaky at times but, again, I know why I did it.

But I know I put everything I had into it, I would die a happy crazy person if any of the creative team of "angel" told me that they saw it and liked it, but, in complete sincerity--- anyone that genuinely enjoys what we did, I would say, "thanks - but it is just a sloppy wet kiss to the tv show".

Did I try to make it 'more than just a parody'? Yeah... in the same vein of having a story (albeit silly) that you're watching, rather than just random 'here's a joke about this, here's a joke about that' type parody that doesn't try to have any coherent story.

Not curing cancer here, believe me, I have a hard time dealing with pretentious creative neighbors... but I don't think trying to setup a fun time and way to meet fellow fans this way is - and for me, when I remember waiting in line to see a movie that had a some secrecy to it, the anticipation and talking to other fans in line was part of the fun, and I really miss that and if there's a LITTLE bit of 'buzz' that starts by holding back on an internet release, it's trying to see if that's possible.

(Plus, in case everyone hates it, don't worry, I'm sure that'll come QUICK on the net).

Let's clear that out of the way, to avoid any giant expectations. Much of this was shot with a one person crew with a three chip camera that kept breaking down and stale Costco pizza provided for the cast. (Which is actually pretty tasty when fresh, not a knock against Costco pizza, though the cheapie generic Safeway 7-up wannabe soda I provided tasted pretty funky).

The shooting involved people who had day jobs, night school and there's a gazzillion other things. I know big professional-looking fan films like "Revelation" and many excellent fan films out there have the same problems of money and time, so I'm not trying to making excuses ahead of time- I'm happy with what we shot, but within realistic expectations of our own personal means.

I do respect ANYONE's time that they take to look at something created, so I can only say this: We genuinely tried to make Angel fans laugh and enjoy themselves, and we tried our best within our limitations, which may be more or less than other fans' limitations. I just hope you like it, that's all, and if you don't, then I genuinely am sorry if it disappoints, because I know that if I give up my time to watch something, it's moments of my life I can't get back, and I totally understand that.

Again- If anyone can't make it or doesn't have the money to go to a convention, again, I'll be putting this online soon enough. I just want to see if there's a way to make this a tiny party first before it's forgotten completely.

Sorry for the longwindedness. If this does make it into conventions, I'll literally buy pizza and popcorn for any and all showings. Just want to make it a fun party before it all fizzles quick and becomes yesterday's news.

To Impalergeneral, harmalicious: you both are tooo kind! I hope we don't disappoint!

If we can make the deadline for SDCC and it's a guaranteed 'in', definitely hope you can make it- and I'd be happy to give you some freebie stuff rom the project (and now I really hope you'll like it!)

To CJL: About Vangelis and the Chariots of Fire connection:
heheh. You know more than you realize, when/if you see it! :)

To Looking: 'Vangelis sounds like the marriage of Vaseline & Angel"
LOL! Love it! I think that'll be the movie poster tagline! ;)

To nonsequitur: Thanks! I know I sound like a broken record or politician, but do hope you'll like it, too! We flip/flopped on a lot of the names. We only did a little with Wolfee and Mann and associates, but if I can get the cast back for more, I was going to do a lot more with them and have fun with petty office politics with the main characters if they took Wolfee and Mann (including battling changing the name of the firm and whether or not Vangelis could also have a side business there sellng action figures of himself). Thanks again, tho!

To Spikecam21: The connection between Vangelis the composer and the vampire will be clear once you see the film. Thanx, hope you'll have a good laugh at the show! (in a good way) ;)

To Zachsmind: I don't have anything against the net - I just have a short window of time to (if they let it) be shown at conventions before it becomes stale bread and it won't be accepted . like I mentioned earlier, it's coming to the web, I just want to see if it can be seen on a big screen projection or big screen tv.

"... as I'm concerned Vangelis won't exist. This isn't about reality, but perception of reality. "

Well, I take that as a backhanded compliment, as I appreciate your interest. If you are interested, soon as the run in the conventions is over (which could be really really short- I mean, REALLLY short. Like one.), if you send me your email/ snail mail and I'll be sure you get one, again, it is a compliment just by being interested in it, so thanks!

And that's all... will post more on the lj and include the 'freebie comic' online next week that is a 'prequel' of sorts (not kidding, a comic book will be available there next Friday). Thanks again!
Harvey Chin ! Already have your site bookmarked ! Can't wait to see all - Thanks!
Wish you luck at the comic con. Hope to see your stuff real soon--I'm really looking forward to it. Your names are cute, btw. :D
To AncientMagicks and twa_corbies-- thanks! Hope we don't disappoint!
w00t! Sounds great, Harvey.

This is my first year going to the San Diego yay!
To UnpluggedCrazy- Thanks!

If you've never gone to San Diego Con before... OH MAN, you will love it! A reccomendation- check the schedule of events AHEAD of time (the 'hot' events usually you have to wait in line for, to get a good seat, so planning is well advised) as well as continual updates at the show.

The only drag is last year, when I tried to tape David Boreanz' appearance at the show (promoting 'Bones') last year, some of the security were nazis and wouldn't allow it.

Be sure to bring a camera and comfortable shoes!!!
(But leave your credit card at home.... SDCC is a dangerous place if you're a rabid shopper like myself!) ;)
Just a btw-
Waiting on hearing back from Wondercon, whether or not they'll let me have a sneak preview showing on this. Will know soon, I hope!
Thanks everyone for the kind comments!
Heh, this sounds cool. I'll wait patiently for it to turn up on the net (seeing as I won't be going to any far-away cons in this lifetime ;-)). Have fun, everyone!
To GVH: Thanks! I should say, though, that since I first put out the post, I didn't realize HOW MANY people don't necessarily have closeby access to conventions--- so, I'm offering to (as long as I can afford to) send a sample rough copy of one of the episodes to anyone interested if they want to send me their snail mail address to and put "Vangelis" in the subject line.

Apologies in general to those who got frustrated about being told about this project and don't have easy access to a convention nearby to actually see it. I sometimes live in a bubble and assumed that everyone into Buffy/Angel had easy access, but may adjust plans to get this up sooner on the web.
Thanks for the San Diego Con advice, Harvey.

I've been looking at guest and schedule updates for months now. ;-)
Thanks for all the great info., harvey! So looking forward to this!
To UnpluggedCrazy:
You're welcome on San Diego! Also, if you can afford it, highly reccomend going to 'Preview Night' so that you can take a stroll through the dealers' room (which is huuuuuuuuuge) the day before, before the gigantic crowds start arriving days later. And a backpack to carry food/water--- and definitely a camera and looooots of film! Have great fun! :)

To Harmalicious- Thank YOU! Hope you'll like the results! :)
Also--- am working on putting a trailer online soon! Everyone's interest has been the encouragement to get me going on one!

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