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February 03 2006

Nathan Fillion to attend Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors in Chicago. Universal will also be screening 'Slither' for free to 300 attendees on Saturday. In other Firefly star news, Adam Baldwin will be at Flanvention II.

I posted about Adam Baldwin attending Flanvention II earlier and they removed it. I just don't understand why some notices of whedonverse related actors attending events are allowed to be posted here and some are not.
hazyone101: because there's been posts about Flanvention 2 of late and they don't seem to generate much discussion. However something like a horror convention might. Please email me if you want to further discuss the matter.
I wish there was a section that tells what things have been removed so we dont come back to this site and feel like we're crazy because we saw something in the morning and 3 hours later its no where to be found.
Thinking on the matter there's no reason why the news about Adam shouldn't be added to the subject line, so thats what I did.

ChosenOne5376 we don't discuss site policy on site but please do email us if there is something you'd like Whedonesque
to be aware of.
Yeah the news from the Flan is kinda coming fast and furious as of late. That's why I figure I would hold off on the posting of Adam in case they added 1 or 2 more to the event in the next few weeks.
RavenU, will you be able to attend this event? You have really spoiled us rotten with your outstanding reviews of these cons. Through I said it before, I again wish to thank you for your reports. They're wonderful for the Whedonesque's members whom are not able to attend. Thanks again!
Madhatter are you talking about the Flan or the Fangoria con. Well actually it doesn't matter since I'm going to both so I guess the answer is, "Yes."
I haven't been in Chicago in 22 years, I'm assuming it's still windy. And Lloyd Kaufman is hysterical, I would love to meet him in real life.
The site for the tickets isnt working, I am going insane... I NEED TO MEET NATHAN!!!!
Well, I guess I was talking about both. Looking forward to your reports. God speed, RavenU.
I emailed the hosts of Fangoria, and told them the tickets link wasn't working. On the small hopes that someone might still read this and want to know, it's all fixed now. And I will so be there! Wooo!

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