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February 04 2006

What do a Shepherd, a Pilot, and a Vamp have in common? Well besides being dead and a member of the verse. They will be at Collectormania 9 in the UK April 28-May 1st. Ron Glass, Alan Tuydk, and Julie Benz will be in attendance at the event all weekend, entry is free*.

*There is a charge for autos and photos with the guest, that vary per guest.

I'll be there. Can't wait to meet Alan & Ron - and Julie is always lovely to see again.
Collectormania is not the sort of event where you "meet" people, so be warned - it does what it says on the label! The actors sit at desks in a big covered market square and you queue for their autographs. In between, you buy things at the hundred or so merchandise stands, or at the shops in the shopping centre it's in the middle of (as a friend of mine characterised it once, "Nick Brendon's signature and two pounds of potatoes please").

How long you get with an actor depends on three things; how many other people are queuing for them, how many people they have to get through to fill any contractual arrangement with the management, and how bored they are. Thus, you could get several happy minutes chat with an extra from LotR who hasn't got a queue and doesn't want to look pathetically lonely, or fifteen seconds and being rudely shouted at by his grabby Con Manager if it's William Shatner (I exaggerate not, check out the angry comments on their last event in their Forums).

There's no guarantee you'll get photos; a lot of people were quite pissed off at not being allowed to snap James Marsters last time he appeared, apparently because it slows the queue down and Collectormania had sold too many tickets for him to get through them all in one day - again, people left in tears.

Having said that, if you don't go in with expectations too high you can have a great day and a good laugh. And get a new frock while you're about it.

If you're lucky, they will announce a Firefly/Serenity talk (they had Buffyverse ones the last couple of times) and tickets to that are cheap and worthwhile. The party, though, I have never heard anything but bad comments about and be warned - it's not obligatory for any of the actors to turn up, no matter what the publicity may say, and they usually don't.
I'd love to go to that, but I'm meant to be giving birth to twins on the 29th.

Then again it could be a really cool birth story...
Roadrunner's comments are exactly why i wouldn't go to one of these conventions.

I said in another recent thread about my lack of love for crowded venues and long queues at the best of times but another issue for me is that i don't see the point of standing in one of those long queues just to steal a few seconds with a certain television star. Don't get me wrong, i love these actors as much as anyone here and i appreciate all the efforts they made to create such wonderful series. I just don't feel an overwhelming desire to meet them and certainly not under the conditions described above.

Now, if i ever had the chance to have a one on one conversation with any of the Buffy, Angel or Firefly cast or, better yet, Joss himself, then i'd jump at the chance. That would be a real opportunity and something i would never pass up. However i just don't feel the desire to put myself through the pains of crowds and queues just for a brief couple of words and a scribbled autograph from one of my tv heroes. It's just not what i would call a fun afternoon.
I'm with VWaG. I hate lines, I hate waiting, and I don't really feel the need for an actor's autograph, not even the Buffy actors. I guess the point is more about getting to meet and have face-to-face contact with the stars, but just a few seconds of that isn't enough to make me want to go through the torture of waiting in a line forever.

Don't get me wrong though. I'm dying to go to a convention like Dragon Con someday, but getting autographs isn't that big of a priority. Now, getting my picture taken with a star, that's something totally different. I'd do that in heartbeat.
Thanks for the advice RoadRunner - I have been to several Collectormania's and other types of conventions. I am very aware of the queues and the risk of not getting autographs/photos.

I've been lucky enough to have met and chatted to all the guests I went to see - only 'whedonverse' ones of course. That is the only reason I go to signings, so no barracking from Mr Shatner's manager. Fortunately I have great photos from the events too (tall husband + telephoto lens on camera = great pics).

The only reason I'm going is that I don't know if Ron & Alan will be appearing at the Serenity Convention later in the year. So this may be my only chance to see them.

I much prefer a convention than a signing event, it is less stressful, but I am not going to pass up the chance to meet these guys for the sake of a queue. But that's just me, I'm british and queueing is just a thing we do here.

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