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February 04 2006

Hollywood producer Scott Faye talks 'Alice'. The Sarah Michelle Gellar film now has a completed script and the budget is expected to be in the $40-50 million dollar range.

It's nice to hear something of this again... thought it might have died in the pipeline considering how long it's been since we've heard anything. I'm very much looking forward to it.
Does anybody know whether this is a CGI movie or live action.
Pretty sure it's live action. If it was CGI and they started it this summer I doubt they could release it next year (CGI films normally take about 3 years to make).
Thanks, it just sounded like a film that you could only do justice to as CGI to me.
I can't wait for this one! Hopefully it ain't a suckfest like most game to movie attempts.
The movie is live action, but I'm pretty sure I've read that a bunch of the characters will be computer generated. I could be wrong though.

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Ha, that was weird seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar being associated with The Grudge and not with BtVS. Threw me off a bit because I'm so used to seeing BtVS after her name in regards to what she's known for. Anyway, this movie sounds like it's going to be very interesting. I never played the game and had never heard about it but when word of this first came about and I told me kids they were thrilled and excited about it.

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I am really glad to see SMG carving out a feature career for herself. She gave us 7 seasons as Buffy, and the generous person inside me claps hands for her continued success in movies.

Still, the small selfish person inside cringes every time she gets another project. Simply because that just puts her further and further away from us having any hope of ever seeing Buffy again. And that is a hugely sad thing to me.
I don't know how I missed this news the first time around, but I absolutely loved the game so this project has me very excited.
Who knows Willowy, maybe with some successful films under her belt she'd be interested in taking stake in hand again because she won't need to worry about being stereotyped as Buffy.
Also, just got to mention: Max Payne movie. I remember playing that game, thinking immediately: this should be a movie. The game itself wasn't that complelling - bashing the fire button - the story and visuals were fantastic. If they cast Paul Walker in it I will be very sad.
Firefly Flanatic: This is most probably not a film for your kids.

gossi: The slow motion bullet-dodging action was pretty fun, I thought. But it'd be pretty tough going to turn it into a film without just... well, the dialogue was kind of deliberately over-the-top and cliché, yet still took itself seriously enough that you were sometimes laughing *at* it instead of *with* it. But maybe, given that Sin City worked...
Gonnas, my kids are age 19 and 16 and I was only referring to they knew all about this game and what it was about whereas I didn't have a clue. I can't stop my 19 year old from seeing it and I'll have to wait and see if I think it's something my 16 year old is old enough for when I start to see ads for it, but by the time it comes out she'll be 17 and officially legal for 'R' rated movies. But, I always refer to them as my girls and/or my "kids" so I can see where you'd think they were still really young!

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Willowy said: ...the small selfish person inside cringes every time she gets another project. Simply because that just puts her further and further away...

SMG is not Buffy. She's an actress who portrayed her, but she wasn't the first. Admittedly, one can argue she's the best actress to play the role, thus far. My point is, I'd be more interested in seeing the story continue, then in seeing SMG in the role.

Granted, I'm torn with the thought of there being another Giles besides ASH, or another Willow besides AH, but if SMG was recast then the entire cast would be revisited, and if we revisit the cast, we could revisit the entire series. The story arc of seven seasons could be more well defined. We know the beginning and the end, and there's places in between that they didn't explore.

I'd like to see Joss Whedon look over what he did in the tv series and rework it. Incorporate The First from day one, with The Master being its first Envoy. Perhaps even The Master wouldn't realize he was but a tool. I'd like to see The Initiative hinted at in earlier seasons. Where it's not just under the college that The Initiative is hiding. Maybe make Glory's alter ego more of a presence in the first four seasons: even a regular. So when Glory begins to take over it'd have more of an affect on the audience. And I'd like Dawn to be there since the beginning. That the REAL problem between Buffy's parents was that her father two-timed on her mother, and Joyce confronted him about it. Then soon after that Joyce discovers that she is pregnant, and both she and Buffy's dad know -- it can't be his. And Joyce has no explanation for it. One of the weaknesses of the series in my opinion is that Buffy never confronted her parents. She never dealt with that whole thing. Just somehow thought it was her fault they broke up, and the revelation several seasons down the road that it wasn't her fault - but DAWN's that the family broke apart? That'd make season five a LOT more interesting. And would explain better why Buffy just kinda goes crazy, requiring Willow's entering her mind to help her cope.

I'd also like a plot arc where Xander being Buffy's love interest was more palpable. I wouldn't want to see them together. Buffy can't be with anybody that'd ruin the show, but there could be better places where the two of them face his undying adoration for her, and how that develops. How she spurns him and that drives him to people like Cordy and Anya. Did anyone else notice how subtly Anya started looking more and more like Buffy in seasons four and five? Changed her hair and her fashion sense as if she were trying to appeal to Xander's unconscious desire to win Buffy's love? Like she were a surrogate for his affections. I think there's more to play with there.

I'd also like to see a more cohesive evolution of baddies. By season five the idea of Buffy still staking vampires had become passe. By season seven it was a running joke. Oh yeah she's supposed to be doing THAT too. It'd be interesting if over a period of time she not only discovers the origins of vampires to her realm of reality, but how she could remove them from Earth forever. One could look at the first Buffy series as a rough draft. There's a lot of places to polish and improve. Whedon should revisit the series ten or twenty years from now with an entire new fresh cast.

Then, the tale would truly be an eternal classic.

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Zachsmind, those are some really interesting ideas but I have to say I disagree with your fundamental premise.

Obviously, as you say none of the actors actually are their characters but, to me, recasting the roles would be nearly as bad as having someone else as showrunner. Sure Joss is the brains behind Buffy but we shouldn't underestimate the contribution the actors made to the excellence of the show. Can you imagine anyone else's 'resolve face' making you feel quite the same way ? Or how about Xander's speech to Dawn in 'Potential', was that done by some interchangeable part in a creative machine ? As you say, there are things that could've been done better and i'm sure given another 'draft' of the series Joss'd hit it out of the park but it wouldn't be the same show and you'd run the risk of opening the bottle once again only to this time let the lightning out. I'm all for continuations of the story but if it meant re-casting or worse still Joss handing the 'franchise' (and that word with all its connotations of hackwork has never been less appropriate) over to someone else then i'll take what we got, 7 seasons of pure genius, and leave it there.

That said, a kind of Buffy:The Next Generation might work about 20 years down the line. Maybe centring around the Cleveland hellmouth. Xander could be the wise old sage with Andrew as some kind of grizzled General. We could have Giles pop in for the pilot to symbolically hand the reins over to the new cast (a la Deforest Kelly) ;).

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