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February 05 2006

Universal is using Serenity to promote new contest. Universal Video on Demand is advertising their Step Into the Spotlight Sweepstakes (win a walk-on role in a feature film) and it's attached to four upcoming VOD movies: The Constant Gardener, Broken Flowers, Cry-Wolf, and (ta-da) Serenity.

OK, not like it's solely a Serenity contest, but it's damn good to see Serenity in an ad with "Award Winning Films at Your Fingertips" over the top.

Ah, yes, there is an ad for this in the new issue of Entertainment Weekly. I was all happy about the "Award-Winning Films" moniker, too, until I saw Cry_Wolf. Serenity, Broken Flowers, The Constant Gardener...and then Cry_Wolf?

One of these things doesn't belong...
Maybe it'll be a walk on role for a sequel to serenity...
That'd be nice!
I'm in a little state of wOOtness right now, my local video shop said they're expecting the R4 version of Serenity tomorrow and are gonna call me the minute they get in! wOOOOt! (I feel like 12 yr old doing that)
nixygirl, there is nothing wrong with being young at heart...
Im 25... I still feel like an 18 year old(18 till I die??) ,although I look 30 with the beard.
And yay to the aussies to getting their Serenity goodness.

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