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February 05 2006

Serenity R4 DVD available to buy online now. Yes, it's finally available for shipment, I have my copy playing in my DVD as I type.

I know this has been linked for preorder before, but the DVD is available for shipping now.

I just watched the Q&A, oh my...I've decided I much prefer still cameras, as opposed to video of me. (insert embarrassed emoticon here)
Also, the walkthru of the Serenity is very funny. "Hey look Jayne's flying the shi....."

Bought mine from JB Hi-Fi and got the nice slipcase-y thing. Soooooooooooooo much better than the region one cover it's not even funny.

Interesting that they managed to fit the 20-minute A Filmmaker's Journey on the first disc. Considering PAL takes up more space and all.

Down-side: The anti-piracy notice is going to get old really fast.
Oh gosh! I thought 'Serenity' was released in Australia last month. Hope you enjoy, nixygirl.
Heheh. A couple of my friends are on the Q&A as well... I'll have to find where they are so I can laugh at them. :D
The First Weevil, yea I thought that was a tad overboard also.
There are a few Whedonesquers in the Q&A, it's fun to spot them.
I pre-ordered this way back, actually, and got my shipment confirmation e-mail today. Whoo! Can't wait til it gets here.
Same here. Shiny tin collector's can, here I come. However, this conformation e-mail also kicks off the 5 day to 3 week wait for the DVD to finally get here. Now why can't Australia be any closer? ;-)

At this rate, I'll be one of the only browncoats left not having heard Joss' movie commentary. Ah well, at least it's something worth waiting for :-)
Yep, got my shipment cofirmation today, also.
Well, I've gone through the extra extras. For A Filmmaker's Journey alone it was worth the re-buy. Behind-the-scenes hilarity, footage of Summer Glau's fight rehearsals - it's the making-of region one-ers wish they got.
it's the making-of region one-ers wish they got.

It certainly is, it's absolutely hilarious! Nathan's a funny bugger, so is Joss for that matter.
Just opened my in-box and this delightful message greeted me upon entering.
"EzyDVD Order Shipped"
So with a little luck, by the end of this week I'll be able to watch Serenity on my TV! Yay for Joss commentary and similiar niceyness.
Two days early what a treat.

They also have the entire Sydney Q+A I thought they would only have a short 15min edited segment. So there I was in al my nervous glory. I agree it's fun to play spot the people you recognise.
I spotted you Crypto! And Mort.
This is good news. We'll see how long it takes to ship to Canada.
I just watched the Screenwriters DVD, so that has held me nicely but I am looking forward to the extra extras a lot.
Nixy, I'll recognize you in the Q & A, what other Whedonesquers are there?
Nice shiny message in my e-mail too, Yay!!!!!
Of course it will take ages to ship from Australia to Norway. The e-mail also said allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. Aargh!!!

At least I have the R1 release to watch in the meantime, but I also tend to get very obsessed with the mail when waiting for things like this, to the point of driving myself crazy.
I'll just have to put it out of my mind completely. Denial, denial, denial...
Yay, we can finally order the 'good' version... know, I was not going to spend my money on this. I bought 2 serenity R1 dvds(1 as a gift for a friend of mine), and I am wating/hoping that the R1 will have another superduper dvd release. But dammit I'm impatient! And I am greedy I want more funny, more goodness, more everything! I feel like buying the R4 now... should I? or should I not? should I? should I not? oooo this is going to take awhile... (now I know how the people outside R1 feel like in terms of waiting for Serenity, I am going mad!).
I just got my confirmation, the order has shipped to the right address in the wrong country. :( It defaulted to Australia and I missed it when I preordered back in december. I feel exceedingly stupid at the moment.

I hope I can get it straightened out soon.
nixy - does joss sound mad when he's answering my question?
Mine is somewhere over the pacific ocean at present... go Aussie go!
Nope not at all Mort, (I'll give it another look over later today and double check for ya)
Lioness, well there are the 2 Whedonesquers I just mentioned, then there's also Zuckerbaby and Mimbles, I'm sure there are a few others, but I just woke up. Can't think.

Kurya trust me, buy the R4, you'll be happy!

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I got a mail yesterday my tin box is on its way :) Can't wait!
I've screen-capped some audience shots of the Q&A session so we can play spot the forum member. They're posted on SOz in this thread.

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