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February 06 2006

Another Serenity DVD cover. (Link opens a PDF) Patrick Foster of Hired Gun Design has produced his own version of the Serenity DVD cover. Check it out!

Not a massive fan of this, to be honest. Obviously, it more reflects the nature of the beast, but I don't think it massively sells it.

Plus, I don't think Barry Newman did the musak ;)
Also, typo in the cover quote...
Yeah, don't want to be disparaging but that doesn't do much for me either.

Re: the front cover quote, I don't think it's a typo, just a slightly unclear font but 'Superior in almost every respectů', err, to what ? A poke in the eye with a sharp stick ? I'm assuming it's Revenge of the Sith but, unless i'm missing something, that's not very clear.

Still, the guy's spent time on it and it's probably better than I could manage. Maybe it'd benefit from shiny paper. Plus, at least there's no lasers so, y'know, bonus ;).
I sort of like it though. Cause while I'm not the biggest fan there is of the artwork, I've always loved the color scheme, it's just right for Fireflyverse. So it's definitely better than all of the official ones. Regarding if it's better then all the other fan cover arts; well, the judges are still out on that one, but I'd doubt it. Still, it's good.
It's a nice straightforward cover that I wouldn't mind putting on my DVD shelf. Fix the typos and I might just put it there.
Typos bug me and there are typos on the front as well as in the description on the back cover.

Still, better than what Universal gave us for a cover.
Yep, it's better than the official R1 cover, but I actually prefer the german R2 cover to this one, for instance, or the Australian special edition tin cover. But that's probably because I prefer the international poster to the American one, even though I think both are slightly lacking.

I also agree that I've seen better fan covers. Still, it's good enough.
Also, I don't know if it's worth a new topic here or not, but first Summer DVD and another. (Credits to those who spotted them).
'Doom' and 'Chronicles of Riddick' ?

Well, anything to sell more of the BDM but does anyone else feel a bit dirty ? ;)
Yep, I'm with Saje in the feeling dirty section ;-) Ah well, as long as this helps sales, I guess it's okay. I guess.

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