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February 06 2006

Amazon is having a TV series on DVD sale. Shows include Buffy and Angel, and each season set is priced just under $30.

What with Valentine's Day coming up, a season of Angel could be the perfect way to tell the one you love "I want to lounge around with you for seventeen hours while watching fights and quips and doors getting ripped off their hinges and angst and silliness and rain-soaked alley scenes and bad Irish accents and moments of acting so brilliant they make you want to cry.

Or you could pick up something at Dru's House of Human Hearts, but at least Amazon delivers.

Shiny! I hadn't purchased Angel Seasons 4 or 5 yet. And now I have. I love me some I click a little button and DVDs arrive at my door.
Grr - Where are these sales when I'm DVD shopping?
Oh, tax return money, where are you when I need you!
Great! I needed Angel Season 4 but was holding out for a good deal on Ebay. Now I don't have to.
I'm ashamed to admit that I've never owned a box set of any Whedon show other than "Firefly" because, well, I'm a cheapskate who used to live near a really good video store that stocked everything. But a. I've missed big chunks of Angel Season II, and b. I'm a musical freak who needs to know EVERYTHING about OMWF, so it was now easy to justify the purchase of Buffy Season VI. I also had $30.00 off coming from Amazon anyway because I took their credit card offer.

The fact that I'm of the same ethnic extraction as Willow Rosenberg is entirely coincidental.
An excellent resource for searching out the best prices is

In related news, is anyone a fan of Xena or Highlander? In late-February there will be a price drop on Xena, Hercules, Highlander, and Highlander the Raven tv series. has already repriced these particular series. Xena and Highlander is dropping to $30 per season, and Hercules is dropping to less than $20 per season. This includes the later seasons!
...and speaking of Amazon sales, I just received an eMail from Amazon UK announcing a "Love Yourself" Valentine's sale on hot items, including "Loveable New Music," "Talked About Books," and "Scorching DVDs" with Serenity as the featured "scorcher." (Eleven pounds, ninety-nine, for those of you who might be counting.)
Excellent! I just ordered Buffy seasons 2 & 6, which seem to have wandered out of my collection. Have to love Amazon and their amazing sales.
Does anyone know if there are plans to come out with a Complete Angel collection much like the recent Buffy set?

Otherwise... this is an amazing deal for picking up the seasons...
barest_smidgen Serenity is even cheaper on at 11.89 incl free posting (post - always an issue with Amazon). Also is a good price comparison site for the UK.
Thanks for the heads up. I'm awaiting my sweet little Amazon warrior package of Buffy seasons 4 to 7.
AnotherFireflyfan, there's already a Region 2 Angel boxed set, don't you guys have one for R1 ? Or do you mean a new set with an extra extras disc ?

I guess you could import the R2 one but it'd be a bit pricey in dollars (it's 110 so about $190 ish), probably still better with the Amazon deal.
Thanks for the heads up. Buffy Seasons 4 & 5 are on their way to me!
That's why I wondered if they would come out with a Region 1 set at some point. Oh well, I went ahead and got season 5 (the only one I haven't seen yet).

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