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February 06 2006

Slither, starring Nathan Fillion, will be shown at the SXSW film festival's 'Round Midnight series March 10-18. Showtime(s) are not listed as of yet. Slither opens nationwide March 31st.

I have to admit I don't think I would even consider seeing it if Nathan was involved. As it is, I'm torn. I'd like to support him and it could be a very funny, maybe even scary film, or it could be really cheap and terrible, although I suppose that could be funny too. I suppose I'll go and see it as long as it doesn't take itself seriously at all.
If any Austin whedonesquers want to do a meetup, I'm in.
It's not cheap. It's little CGI in it, they've mostly gone for old school blood and guts. I've heard good things about this (somebody I know has seen it). Universal are likely going to be running some Slither promo stuff through the Browncoats site soon -- I think Serenity fans will hear a lot about this movie. Anything which raises Nathan's profile is, of course, good -- he deserves it.

(Of course, the movie is deeply tongue in cheek - as it should be).

(Also, what's the bets this makes more money than Serenity? Horror is such a cheap lay).

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Look at all the great stuff that's showing at this festival! In addition to Slither, there's V for Vendetta, The Notorious Betty Page and tons of other films that I've never heard (or heard very little about) but it sounds so exciting! I'm especially intrigued by the title and the description of Who the $#%& is Jackson Pollock?

I'm eagerly awaiting Slither; it looks to be a lot of fun. A horror movie can still be a quality film, tongue in cheek or not. I mean no offense to anyone when I say that, just so we're clear. Many financially successful and critically well-received "thrillers" are really just horror movies by a different genre (Silence of the Lambs springs readily to mind).

That really is a great line-up. I've seen "Beethoven's Hair" on TV and found it fascinating, and "Eve and the Fire Horse" is semi-autobiographical for the local (Vancouver, BC) woman who wrote and directed it and was the only Canadian film at the Sundance Festival this year. Having just watched the trailer, I think it will go on my 'must see' list - it's in theatres here now.

Regarding "Slither", I'm looking forward to seeing Nathan in this film, even though it's not a genre I usually go for. The trailer looked like fun, though. We've already discussed doing a Browncoat event around opening night to support Nathan's latest endeavour - we get together at any excuse :).

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