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March 09 2003

The WB's Outrageous Outtakes. Next Sunday at 9pm ET watch rare behind-the-scenes outtakes from WB shows such as Angel.

Course those in region 2 will have seen the Buffy blooper reel featured in the Season 5 DVD. But seeing Angel bloopers sounds like a lot of fun.

I don't know if this will have the same footage from the Angel gag reel I've seen, but I got the impression from watching it that David B. can be a rather goofy guy who likes to cuss a lot. :)
Um, I think Alyson Hannigan once said that a Buffy gag reel could never air on WB or UPN - that only HBO allows that kind of language. :-)

I guess only the clean parts will make it thru - though I wonder if they would run bloopers with bleeps?
Well, I figured they wouldn't air the actual cuss words and would bleep them out if they were uttered.

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