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February 06 2006

Denisof joining Hannigan on "How I Met Your Mother". No word on when this will air, but it'll be something to look forward to.

Excellent! I heart Denisof. Cast him also, Minear. Please.
Yes, this is great! Alexis is probably my favorite 'verse actor. I really hope he plays with an english accent and we get to see, maybe just a glimpes, of the old fumbling, stuffy Wesley. This just seriously perked up my night, and I needed it.
Oh god, I needed this. I miss me some Alexis on my tv.
This is such great news! I think I'm going to go back and watch Angel's Orpheus now! It was such a joy watching them in that knowing they were dating at the time. Now they're going to be paired up again! I adore HIMYM and these eps with Alexis will be a highlight!
Thanks hrlo!
Has AD been doing lots of theatre or something ?

Just seems criminal that it's taken this long for him to get back on our screens (unless it's been self-imposed and he's one of those crazily talented people who also paints, writes novels and composes poetry for enjoyment, in which case let us see it ya selfish sod ;).
Oh, yes!
Already sang the praises of HIMYM on the other thread. This is great news! :)
Well if I was married to Aly I'd want as much time off work as possible :) Yay for him finally being on something and something I already watch - ever better.
I suspect Alexis will be there as an "old flame"...of Robin's on the show. About time he was on TV
This is terrific. 'Course, I won't actually watch, it being the next Friends and all . . . or maybe I'll sneak in for Alexis support.
For that, I'll watch the show.
Mucho congrats to Alexis! It'll be nice to see him (rather than just hear him) on TV again soon. He was always one of my favourites on Angel - although not right away; I was upset when Doyle died and it sounded like Wesley was being brought in to replace him but the character grew on me and by "Sanctuary" he was, to me, the man.

I find it amusing how this article seems a bit hung-up on the notions of genre, beginning with

Aside from some humorous moments during his time on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel," Alexis Denisof hasn't had much chance to do comedic work.
as well as
"How I Met Your Mother" also Hannigan's first regular role in a TV comedy...

To be fair, neither Buffy nor Angel (the shows) was strictly one thing or the other, not a straight-ahead comedy nor a full-on drama, and with so few effective categories to lump shows into, the full range presented does tend to be overlooked by those not tuning in regularly.
I saw an interview with AH where she said that it was kind of love at first sight with AD, but he didn't want to date someone he worked with, so she started dating someone else, but AD kept telling her that was the wrong guy, and it went from there. Wait -- that sounds like the plot so far on HIMYM! ;-)

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Yay HIMYM! Last week, they had a "Freaks and Geeks" alum (I can't remember his name -- he was the geeky date {"You-have-no-honor"-in-Klingon Guy} Robin went out with to prove to Barney that she was better than him), so it seems like they are happy to bring in old co-stars. Even better when it's AH's spouse! :-)

ETA -- sorry, this was suppposed to be one post with the other one. D'oh!

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*does happy dance*

I was just thinking about him while I was watching the show. That sounds like so much fun. I'm enjoying this show much more than I initially thought I would. Props and congrats to both.
Yay! I was getting worried that I wouldn't get to see Alexis on my TV for a while. Thanks for the news.
Damn! That photo of Alyson looks a lot like my daughter (who gets "You look like Willow" comments all the time).
Erm... am I the only one that invaribly is disappointed when two of our 'verse stars are on the same show?

I realize all the realities, and I know they can't act like they know each other... but I'm always disappointed that they don't make SOME kind of quick reference to their Joss connection anyway. Something...anything. I always look and I'm always disappointed. They never do it. They never make any kind of nod to their previous roles, or any kind of inside joke for us. It's never there.

So, short version... I just can't get excited about seeing our guys together in anything. That's what I want to see. It never happens. Boo hoo. Wish it would.
Its about damn time I get to see Alexis on my screen again.
Oh yeah... glad they're working. Go them. No really, I'm big happy that they are getting paid.

Just wanting to see something. Anything. They're weaning us, and it sucks (heh, no pun intended).
Yes! I'll definitely watch this episode (haven't seen the show yet). Alexis on TV! Now I'm excited. That guy can do comedy like nobody's business.
Wonder if/when we'll get this show in the UK?

Anyway, great for him - I've been feeling bad for him that he seems to be about the only main Buffyverse actor to have done sod all since the end of the Buffyverse shows - but it seems a bit of a shame if the only way he can get work is 'cos his wife is in a show. He's definitely too good for that to be true.
I cannot express how excited I am to see Alexis on t.v. Words are not enough. *dance of joy*
Now I know for sure that Alexis is one of the few actors I will watch in anything.
When Alyson was on “The View” last year with Neil Patrick Harris to promote HIMYM, she mentioned her husband and Alexis was briefly shown in the audience. The unbearable quality of the hosts and the show suddenly seemed easier to bear. Alexis in the audience! Alexis on my TV again! And now he’ll be acting on my TV. Happy, happy, happy! Joy joy, joy!
Already my favorite new show this year, the fact that he'll be on not one but TWO epsidoes...WOO HOO. Always been a big fan of his.
I loved Ally's appearance on Angel. Interesting that there is a Serenity poster behind the couple in the photo. Must have been taken at the premiere I suppose.

Alexis on my TV again! WooHoo!

... the full range presented does tend to be overlooked by those not tuning in regularly.

I totally agree. The first thing I thought when I read the bit about AD not having much comedy was that his stint on Buffy was almost pure comedy! Then, of course, we got to see his extroadinary range on AtS.

Honestly, as much as I respect the other actors in the 'verse (especially JM), I think Alexis is probably the best actor of them all. He's just ... exceptional.
Alexis showed such an incredible range in AtS. Much as I love and respect all the other actors in the 'verse, I am in *AWE* of AD. Thanks to his abilities, Wesley just continually engaged my heart--which kept breaking on his behalf, up to the scene in NFA wherein he died in "Fred's" arms. We have *got* to see more of this actor!!!!

I miss them all so much--but at least we get to see many of the others in various venues. But where is AD??? Sigh.

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