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February 06 2006

Angel 1st season R2 DVD at a ludicrous price over on! Yes, I said "ludicrous"!

If you haven't picked up the first season of "Angel" yet, here's your chance! The first season can be obtained at the laughable price of 12.99!

If you break up the "complete series" box set, which runs at about 109,99 last time i checked, that's still 22 pr season.

Here's your chance to buy the first season 9 below that!

As for myself, I had originally planned to buy the "complete series"-thing, but if every season will be set at this price, it'll be much cheaper just to buy them separately.

They seem to have bargains on all the "Buffy" and "Angel" sets, though none as good as Season 1 "Angel" - and an ad for "Serenity" showed up when I clicked on the "new packaging" item the first time, with a 20-day countdown. I do like the cover for "Angel" Season 1.
It's so pretty!

Are they going to release a full set like they did with Buffy? If they are, I might just wait and buy that instead of getting seasons 3 & 4 now. Hmm.
The full set is out already, powerof3. I have it.
Angel Season 1 is available for the same price (19.97 Euros) at .

So there seems to be a pattern ...
If you click on "Series 1s of TV Shows", you'll see they've slashed the price of series 1 for a whole lot of shows. They're just trying to sucker us in, so we'll end up buying the other seasons at normal price. ;)

Amazon UK currently has the 5-season set for 105. If you take out a month's DVD rental membership (at 6), giving you 10% off all DVD purchases, that effectively brings the price down to 100.50.

By the way, Amazon UK also has Firefly for only 12.97 (but you need to spend a total of 15 to get free delivery).

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