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February 07 2006

(SPOILER) Drew Goddard writing Alias' 100th episode. Air date currently unknown.

Wow, that's quite an honor. I'm so excited about the final season of Alias. I can't wait for one specific actor to come back. I wish we didn't have to wait so long for new episodes.
It's great news that . I agree with the people on the forum who thought the episode title was a little odd, and I hope that there isn't another clone plot, but it's good to hear that Drew is writing a milestone episode too.

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I'm glad he's writing the ep, but I wish he joined the writing crew before (in my opinion) the show's writing/plots went sour.
Amen, MySerenity. Sad state of affairs, that Alias. We'll watch it to its bitter end because, well, it's that or knit baby booties and I'm all out of yarn. . .
When is the next new episode of Alias?
I read that ABC haven't found a space on their schedule for any new episodes of Alias at the moment.
I gotta say. Alias was AWESOME for two seasons. It's third was real good. The fourth was just okay, but Drew's episodes were my highlights. Welcome to Liberty Village was a bit of the old Alias suspense I was missing. Besides that I enjoyed Joel Grey's performance as the Other Mr. Sloane. Excellent. I have yet to watch a 5th Season Goddard Episode. I have a feeling that maybe Alias will go out with the bag it once punched us in the face with.
Wendy, ABC have yet to schedule the next new episode of Alias. At a guess i'd say they are waiting to see which of their new series gets axed first and then they will give that slot to Alias for it's final run. That's just my theory though.
ChosenOne, I LOVED the Welcome to Liberty Village episode. Did Drew write that? If figures, pure genious.

Can't wait to see how it all ends!
Oops, sorry about that, SNT, I thought if a post was marked "spoilers" then it was okay to post spoilers in the topic. My bad!

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