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February 07 2006

New exclusive Buffy action figure announced. It bears a passing resemblance to Cheerleader Buffy from 'The Witch'.

Simon - I think you are being unduly generous in calling it a "passing resemblance"!
Yes, if Buffy looked like Chloe Sevigny!

I thought that they passed this "no resemblance" phase years ago. They certainly have the technology to make it look right. This just plain sucks.

I read in the latest Buffy magazine that they are going to have an eye-patch Xander and a "Wish" Cordelia soon. Hope they don't screw those up, too.
Obviously that head mold has been used before.. it might fit (sort of) other figures later in the series, but certainly not anything from the first season. This is every bit as bad as the Serenity figures
Eek! That's horrible!
I must agree. I really wish the action figure manufacturers would get their acts together here. The facial resemblances of the recent deluxe figures have been okay, I just couldn't stand the bodies. But, the recent standard articulation 6" action figures have been horrible. Well, at the very least, they got the head size proportional to the body this time. Can we call that progress?

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