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February 07 2006

An interview with James Leary. He talks about his movie "Stunt C*cks" and the proposed animated sequel. And of course there's a Clem mention. How could there not be? "Clem would have his own series. Sort of like Sex in the City, but with demons".

Clem and porn... that is just wrong.
Oh,I don't know...when Clem used to show up at Spike's door holding a bucket of chicken wings,what did you think the two of them would be doing? :D
Any porn flick with James Leary and Lou Diamond Phillips has got to be good....
Love James Leary - I'm so happy when I see him on the pizza commercial these days - he's a funny guy!
Clem was awesome. I'm very in favour of starting a campaign for a Clem-centric TV movie.
A Clem-based Sex and the City....I'd watch it.

So what 'verse story did James Marsters write?
James did the story for a Spike and Dru comic shortly after season 2 finished.
James did the story for a Spike and Dru comic shortly after season 2 finished.

Well in all fairness, James just contributed to the plot, and it was apparently changed muchly after he did that. He's said repeatedly that he wasn't happy at all with what the comic turned out to be or how Dark Horse handled the whole thing. I think they really just wanted to be able to put his name on the cover.

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