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February 07 2006

Details on the HMV Exclusive Serenity R2 DVD. The HMV version features six Serenity artcards. That sigh you heard was fans worldwide wondering if they should get this version as well.

Hm, it's really not designed to rope in the fans to buy yet another copy. HMV often do limited editions, and it's just to rake back a bit of a market because they're generally more expensive than other (online) DVD retailers.

I guess if the fans want yet another copy then they can buy it, but I don't see why its necessary. Artcards is hardly different DVD features!
I agree only actual extra content would make me buy another one. However, if I hadn't already bought R1 and R4, and were going to go for the UK R2, it's the sort of thing which might make me go to HMV's rather than anyone else's - which is the point of the promo.
what do the art cards even look like?
They are 6 naked shots of Alan Tudyk (lie).
gossi got extra copies in protective mylar sleeves (may be a lie, not certain).
To be honest, the point of buying this DVD is the film - and yes, also the bonus material, because Joss and co. rock and from what I've seen from the R4 DVD so far, absolutely amazing and just great people.

I do have two copies, one from JB and one from EzyDVD, but they both had different covers and I thought "Pretty". So I did end up getting more than one, but two would be the limit for me, because ultimately, it's the film that is going to be the ultimate reason you buy this disc, regardless of the bonus offers or whatever.
Hm, it's really not designed to rope in the fans to buy yet another copy.

It's roped me in. I had finally decided to stick with the Aussie version and not buy the UK one. However the attraction of this will have me going to HMV on the day of release.
Aargh ! Get thee behind me, HMV.

Don't think I can justify this. Got the US one with the Aussie edition en route. I'll wait for the UK super-edition (if there is one).

(We're absolutely certain there's no naked Morena on the postcards, right ? ;)
My order from Ezy DVD has shipped so I will be getting the R4 version, and only that version. However I wouldn't be adverse to getting a more definitive version if it emerges later, or buying the DVD as a rpesent for someone.
When the movie was in cinemas, my local cinema had postcards which showed each of the characters from the poster, against its background, along with details about the character (Mal: old enough to be wise, young enough to be foolish, stuff like that). It's probably those. Since I've already got two copies of each, I think I'll stick with the Australian DVD.

But then again, there WERE only five of those cards. Hmmm...

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*does CPR on wallet* "Live damn you!"
Silv, I don't think it's those. It says art cards, and apparently one has a spoiler from the film. So my guess is some kinda postcards with concept art. I've got the Canada disc (same as US) and now the R4 EzyDVD en route... this ain't quite enough to tempt me to buy another copy, obsessed though I am, since I imagine it's just images found in the visual companion anyway.

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