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February 07 2006

Fox Latin America will show final "The Inside" episode today. Fox Latin America has shown all 13 episodes produced since November 15th, 2005. Linked page is in Portuguese. A full description of the episode can be found in Fox Latin America official website: Mundo Fox.

Excellent stuff. How have the unaired episodes been?

FYI - I believe the unaired Fox episodes start in the UK on Friday March 10th
..and I for one can't wait. It was somehow anti-climactic for The Inside to finally start on Itv4 and then realise that I'd seen the 1st few episodes already and so had to wait for them to get up to where F*x wielded the axe.
I'm happy for you, Numfar PTB! And all you whedonesquers in the U.K.! Too bad we didn't get such treatment here in the states. Still no word of it being released on DVD... Boo!
Can't wait to have these air and consequently pop up as .torrents. /innocent whistle -- hey, if Fox would sell the DVDs I would buy them.
zeitgeist - I wouldn't count on them popping up as torrents. ITV4 is a very small, new UK channel (most people can't get it), so unless somebody does the honours.. I'm recording the episodes, I know that much.
I'm sure they'll appear online somewhere, there are certain torrents sites that just do shows off UK tv which I think will be helpful in this case :)
There are a fair number of torrents available, but they are all mostly dead due to a lack of seeds. Hint. Hint. I promise to buy at least 2 copies if this show ever comes out on DVD!
Wha? Latin America gets to see them all yet the US gets jipped? Shame on you, FOX, shame on you...
NBC's showing an unaired episode of the Book of Daniel on their website.
I only watched a couple of the US unaired episodes. I had to ask a friend to tape them for me last month, since I wasn't home for most of it, and she missed a couple of them, which I hope to catch when they re-run it again at Saturday afternoon.

But the one I watched are pretty good, just like Wonderfalls the show just kept getting better and better. The few episodes Fox did show, was only able to give us a glimpse of how good the show is.

Wha? Latin America gets to see them all yet the US gets jipped? Shame on you, FOX, shame on you...

Yeah, and we did get the full run of Firefly, but with the awful episode ordering that only Fox was able to come up with...

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