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February 07 2006

Serenity forever! Well, until it melts.


Edited to remove tasteless remark of the phallic kind.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2006-02-07 22:05 ]
I'm actually amused how phallic Serenity looks at times, it has to be said. Although not so much in ice.
yeahh...because temperatures that are cold enough for ice to form... wouldnt allow such phallic things to occur.... ok I will stop now. Really cool sculpture.
Wow. That's pretty friggin' sweet.

And, yes, I have noticed that the Serenity looks somewhat phallic. So has my friend who has never seen the series or the movie, and is determined not to:

"The ship looks like a penis."

Unfortunately, that was the most intelligent thing he had to say.
That's awesome. Sometimes I love people.
Unpluggedcrazy, don't tell me your friend is basing his decision for not seeing the movie and the tv series on that "the ship looks like a penis". Well I guess anything with the CN tower should not be watched, or the Eiffel tower. Hell Im sure the movie Apollo 13 sucks because of that big Saturn Rocket aka big giant penis. Obviously Star Wars: A New Hope is awful because the death star looks like a giant breast.

It should be noted that all the above of was case it wasn't apparent.

[ edited by kurya on 2006-02-07 23:34 ]
I kinda always thought Serenity looked a little bit like a penis, especially on the front of the Firefly boxset, but just assumed it was Joss's phallic metaphor for Mal and his situation.

Hee Hee...Its like someones naughty bits!!!!
Very nice. It always seems a shame to me that ice sculptures won't last but then I guess that's part of the appeal.

Apollo 13 sucks because of that big Saturn Rocket aka big giant penis

Well, if you can call that giant. Ahem.
When I first saw that posted in the fireflyfans I thought it said "Serenity On Ice" and was picturing Mal and Jayne and Kaylee singing songs while skating on an ice rink in front of an audience. My brain almost exploded until I saw the pictures.

[ edited by ElectricSpaceGirl on 2006-02-08 00:08 ]
Yikes. I'm feeling a bit naive here (and that almost never happens). I have never noticed Serenity looks like a penis before (in fact, I'd never have guessed I'd end up typing anything remotely resembling that line). Colour me stunned that pretty much all my fellow whedonesquers did seem to notice. Heh.

Anyway, the ice sculpture is awesome. Also pretty funny that this was posted by someone who just noticed it being there. What do we think the odds are of someone reading whedonesque and going 'hey, that's the ice sculpture I made today!'? ;-)
The thing is, when Giles gets to mid life crisis, will he purchase a Firefly?
picturing Mal and Jayne and Kaylee singing songs while skating on an ice rink

Buffy would approve. What's the problem here?
My question is when will they make a Firefly model that vibrates?
Didn't Giles already have a mid-life crisis and buy a red convertible (AKA penis-mobile)?
OMG, Nebula1400! That opens a whole new arena to "Serenity" marketing!
It also makes you think about Jayne's line 'Let's moon em' in a somewhat different light ;).
Wow, that sculpture was awesome. My hats off to the person with the talent to create such a piece of art. My only skills with ice is to pop a few cubes in my mixed drinks and I can't even handle that chore very well. More often than not, I usually find my ice trays empty from the night before. Hmmm, I wonder if one is related to another? Anyway, great find, gossi.
It really is a great sculpture. Where is it located? Any idea who did it?
Kurya : sarcasm was indeed apparent ;)

Nebula1400: I almost lost my mouthfull, had to hold on to it with both hands!! That really cracked me up.. heheheheeee!!!

non sequitur: you're absolutely spot on ... successful products have successful marketing strategies, successful marketing strategies are based on reaching multiple targets (markets), answering the question : what's in it for me? This could reach a few more targets;p

BTW, great work with the ice!
Kurya, I get that it was said with sarcasm but the Deathstar certainly does not look like a giant boob! lol.
Hahahah Nebula that was bloody priceless!!!

Now, I wonder how many sales a specialty item like that would get??
GVH, I'm with you...I never thought Serenity looked like a penis. But, when I saw this sculpure, it screamed "Penis, Penis, Penis!".
But, when I saw this sculpure, it screamed "Penis, Penis, Penis!".

Okay, who else just went to a very scary place?

I almost lost my mouthfull, had to hold on to it with both hands!!

Coolpeace, you did not just write that in a thread like this, right?
*Giggles also*. The trouble with phallic metaphors is, they just never last.

Canít help but wonder now if Joss has some subliminal issues.

Or possibly itís another one of those dang liberal Hollywood attempts to subvert us. I am surprised we havenít had some right wing Christian alliance up in arms against the penishaped ship.

Or maybe he just wanted to stick it to Fox.

Ok. Best to stop now. Very nice sculpture btw. And nice find gossi.
GVH, I was talking about dinner, but I have to say I am laughing even harder now... Can't stop the subliminal message.

[ edited by coolpeace on 2006-02-08 14:03 ]
Having written a psychodynamic-oriented doctoral thesis, I should see penises everywhere, but the phallic shape of Serenity has escaped me so far. Always thought she looked like a plucked chicken.
Good God, Nebula, you have a sick and disturbing mind. Also a very funny one.

And friend is very negative towards Firefly and Serenity because he says it "looks cheesy." And, yeah, the whole penis thing. Things didn't get any better when I decided to mention that Fight Club is one of the worst movies ever made.

Yet he loves Spielberg's War of the perhaps that's saying something...
Heh, unplugged: Fight Club's brilliant. So you were probably not helping there ;-).

And Spielberg's War of the Worlds was actually pretty decent. It oozed atmosphere. So much so, that I almost forgive it the cheesy ending, uneven pacing and plotholes. But as a pure cinematic experience, it's absolutely fantastic.

So apart from Serenity, I'd say your friend so far displays a pretty healthy taste in movies.

Anyway, back to penis methaphores and the like.
... I think Serenity looks like an animal. And I feel like I'd be called nieve for not agreeing with the "penis" mentality.
Well, GVH, I've argued so much about exactly why Fight Club is awful that I'm not willing to go there again...and War of the Worlds to me was one of the most boring movies of last year.

Then again, I thought the same of Peter Jackson's King Kong which doesn't even begin to light a candle to hold to the original 1933 classic.

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