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"To coin a popular Sunnydale phrase, 'duh'!"
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February 07 2006

Buffy mention in commentary on last night's 24 in's The Watercooler. Apparently the hostage machinist was played by the man who played the "dead guy Xander hung out with during his wild night of 'Zeppo' fun on Buffy." (The Watercooler discusses last night's episodes of Skating with Celebrities, Surface, 24, and The Bachelor: Paris).

"And speaking of our Sunnydale friends, it only takes two tiny bullets from the Ukrainian Dawn Summers to wipe out her skeezy Darrell Hammond as Sean Connery captor and with him went Jack's only lead. Well, without wrinkles like that, how would we know when the hour's up?"

I was wondering where I knew the machinist from. I missed the credits, or, I'd have remembered. Thanks vampire dan.
Also a mention of a character posessing "mad skillz". Wasn't that an original Eliza Dushku phrase in the Chosen - (and she wasn't talking about no stinkin' dialogue). I seem to remember some commentary or interview where Joss said he heard Eliza say it and wrote it in for Faith. Or was it already a common usage before that?
"Mad skillz" was in common use before "Chosen."

It just happens to be that it sounded the most embarrassing in "Chosen." :-\

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Can someone please explain the Michelle Tratchenberg reference?
I think the writer just meant that the character looked like Michelle Trachtenberg.

Althogh, ironically enough, I think the character was played by the same actress who played the bitchy/slutty cheerleader Dawn got in a catfight with in "Him."
I don't know who this Darrell Hammond person is that TV watercooler people are referring to. I believe Rossler was played by Patrick Bauchau.
Darrell Hammond is a comedian on SNL. One of the characters he does is a parody of Sean Connery, most times as a player on Jeopardy. Very funny.
Also, the Zeppo vampire Badger from Firefly.
"Mad skills" has been around for years - it used to be big in the hacker/gamer circles in the mid 90s.
Yes. Joss mentions that Eliza told him she had "Mad Skillz" in some game and it made him laugh so he wrote it into her lines.
Oh yeah, that actor's name is Channon Roe (check out his IMDB profile , you'll probably realize you've seen him in lots of stuff. Face is pretty distinct as far as pretty boys go). His character's name in "The Zeppo" was Jack O'Toole (what a porn star-ish name--who wrote that ep again?).

I best remember him from Kindred: The Embraced where I first saw him (played a thuggish vamp, Cash, and was also one half of a Romeo & Juliet-like forbidden romance), Boogie Nights (he gay-bashed Mark Wahlberg), Can't Hardly Wait (one of the jock cronies with Peter Facinelli's main jock), Psycho Beach Party (with Nicholas Brendon and Six Feet Under's Lauren Ambrose), and Deadwood (can't remember who he played, probably wasn't too large a role).

Hearing that he's in 24 has me anticipating this apparently awesome Season 5 that much more (still have to catch up with Season 4 on DVD though). Already loving the show + Sean Astin would've been enough, but hearing about Mark "Badger" Sheppard and Channon Roe has me almost ready to skip Season 4 and watch my Season 5 recordings (but I'm too much of a continuity, has-to-be-watched-in-order nut to do something drastic like that).
Huh... Invisible Green, you're right. That's the girl from "Him". Angela Sarafyan. I didn't even recognize her. I remember her from a few episodes of TNT's "Wanted" (pity that show was cancelled, it was entertaining at least). Incidentally, she played the same exact character on "Wanted" but didn't have the revenge scenario there.
Kris, Him's writer would be Dan Vebber.
Kris, Him's writer would be Dan Vebber.

Umm... wasn't that Drew Greenberg?

Dan Vebber wrote the Zeppo
This is like brain glitch day for most of the posters on this site.

Everyone's correcting each other's mistakes, and most correcting them wrongly.

Kinda funny. =P
I don't think you've got the right girl, Ocelot. I read that it was Penny Balfour playing Inessa. Oops, my bad, Ocelot. You are right that Angela Sarafyan is there. I got her mixed up with the other girl. Sorry about contradicting you.

On a different topic, I see that it's Seth Green's birthday today (Feb 8), according to IMDB. Happy Birthday Seth! Would be grateful if someone would post this, as I cannot access the online form to post items. Thanks.

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Changed link so this will be useful in future.

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