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February 08 2006

Spike: Old Wounds out today in comic book shops. Priced at $7.49, this one-shot has Spike delving yet again into his past. Its predecessor 'Spike: Old Times' sold out quickly so get to your comic book store early.

Yeah, my local comicbook shop is gonna get it tomorrow afternoon.
Hope that i'm not going to be late.
Can anyone tell me what photo cover incentive means?
Has to be something cool cus it's more then double the price of an regular copie.

Spike Old Wounds One Shot $7.49
Spike Old Wounds One Shot Photo Cvr Incentive $20.00
I hope to pick this up Friday.
sethsky: I think if the retailer orders a lot of copies, then the comic book company will give the retailer a special version which can be sold for a higher price.
Picking mine up today. The last one had a few flaws but I still liked it quite a bit.
Our retailer sold out of "Old Friends" before I got there, and I usually go Wed. morning. I picked mine up at Dallas... They obviously ordered more this time around but at $7.49 and a relatively unknown writer and artist it might be a tougher sell.
"Relatively unknown"? How dare you, sir. I'll have you know I'm completely unknown.
"Relatively unknown"? How dare you, sir. I'll have you know I'm completely unknown.

LOL, thanks for giving me a good laugh Scott. But, who are you??
He's Scott Tipton.

Something like that.
For the benefit of any lurkers, Scott is the writer of Spike: Old Wounds.
Cool. Here's hoping my comic shop gets this. They recently stopped buying the IDW comics, because close to no one was buying them. They said: "Well, we didn't know anyone was still interested in Buffy or Angel comics". To which I replied: "Did you not notice me buying any and everything whedon and buffyverse related in the past few years?". "Yes, but we didn't know you still liked to do that". Heh. Anyway, they've started reordering, just not sure if they'll be in time for this.
I got mine this afternoon. They had a big stack of about 40 of them, so they probably started out with 50 or more. They didn't order enough last time and sold out way too soon. And I found out that Seth Green is going to be signing his Freshmen graphic novel in April at that store. *Files away useful autograph info*

Very good story. Very Spike-positive, but without ignoring or glossing over the brutality of his past (or Angel's). It's set shortly after "Destiny." And do you realize that this is the first time that a souled Spike has ever been depicted in comics? (Well, for certain, anyway. We still don't know who's real and who's a doppelganger in the Angel: Old Friends comic.)

The art is good, although like the last one, it's a bit distracting to keep coming across poses you've seen before. "Oh look, that frame is copied directly from one of the AtS Season 5 promo shots, and look, so's that one!" But at least everyone looks exactly like the actors, which is always a big plus. There's one frame of him climbing out a window that has that "My hed is pasted on yay!" look, but everything else is fine. And I like the cover effect of a glossy Spike with everything else matte finish.

But right on the second page - it's the middle of the day, and there's that little traffic on the five-and-dime split? Wow, that IS fantasy!

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I just got back from getting mine from the local comic book shop. They had about 4 issues.
I liked it a lot, it was (like Deanna B above me said)very spike-positive, the art was ok for me. You either a fan of that style or not.

There is a very cool looking panel of a vampface Spike with yellow glowing eyes which I particularly liked. And also this is the first solo comic about a souled Spike. I do think that the one in old friendsis also a real Spike but it's not a solo story, this is.

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I am going to my store to pick up my copy (and one for a friend) today, and I am really looking forward to it. It sounds good. And that is a funny comment from Scott Tipton - I enjoyed reading his blog about how this one shot came about, and his future plans for another Spike one shot.

I figure we have to get our Buffy/Angel/Spikeverse fix via the comics, and I think IDW is doing a great job in putting out these books. I also look forward to Joss and Dark Horse doing Buffy: season 8 at some point - figure it has to be after Joss has enough of Astonishing X-Men down to start something different.
I just ordered a copy online. There used to be several online stores that had them, but many seem to be sold out already, so if your thinking about getting a copy better order it now. Glad to hear from deanna b that its Spike positive with souled Spike.
I enjoyed it. Fitted in very well with Angel season 5. Kudos.
Deanna -- Funny remark about the freeway scene. As a frequent victim of L.A. traffic, I should've known better and been more specific in my description. My bad.

Glad people seemed to like it.
I got my copy yesterday and really enjoyed it. I liked the continuity with episodes like TCTONC and WWF, nice. Loved the ending too, very in keeping with S5.

But while I don't mind the artwork too much, some of it was very good, I am getting a bit fed up with the laziness of just copying screencaps, promo shots and pictures of JM etc.

But that's just a tiny grumble in an otherwise pretty darn good read. :0)

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