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February 08 2006

Zoe, River costumes for sale. The Prop Store of London has been adding items from the movie Serenity every work day for a while now, but I had to mention these. If you've got the cash -- and they ain't cheap -- you can get River's blue dress outfit (dress, dress over that, black shrug thing for the arms, etc) and Zoe's work clothes (brown leather everything, including necklace and boots). Serious collectors, here you go.

Damn, must win large sums of money somehow. Sadly that's the only way I could afford this stuff.

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Maybe I'll get something of River's. But then what would I wear on my other leg?...
The same site also has Spike's costume from Why We Fight - the Nazi submarine episode of Angel. Odd, because the coat was sold not that long ago on Ebay separately.

For some inexplicable reason I find it rather funny that the "Nazi" leather coat is actually DKNY. Clearly Angel wasn't the only one enamoured of designer duds.
I need a sugar daddy... anyone wanna buy me something? Okay, just kidding, even though Zoe's outfit makes me salivate.
Ugh, it's at times like this I wish I was rich. Some of those weapons look amazing. Also have to admit I actually noticed Dr Matthias' tie when I was watching the film. I think the shirt had these sort of strips along the middle which the tie was held behind. It's that kind of cool little detail that makes Firefly, and Serenity, so unique and makes it feel like a real universe. I wonder if it will ever catch on?
I have just now found out that the Prop Store has donated Simon's medical disguise, from the begninning of Serenity, and two money displays from the heist scene, to the Browncoat Charity Auction at WonderCon this weekend!!!! Proceeds to benefit Equality Now and the Wooten Center.

For details on the event, visit

(xiexie Prop Store!!!)
*sigh* Oh, if only I had thousands of dollars I could just spend on Serenity props.
If only that former Microsoft billionare Paul Allen was a Firefly fan. Then we could see these props and costumes at his sci-fi museum in Seattle. He paid for the refurbishing of the famously-destroyed Spinner vehicle from Blade Runner (the one that fell off the back of a truck as it was being moved), to the tune of several tens of thousands of dollars (maybe hundreds of thousands)... but he isn't interested in River's dress? WHAT GIVES?
Well if Paul Allen was a Firefly fan I'd prefer it if he funded another movie :).

Has anyone ever thought about sending him or Bill Gates the dvd? It could work (I'm getting desperate).

That's great about the prop store donating props.

I'm tempted to buy something, but then I'd have to drop out of uni (It's almost worth it).

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Sorry, my money's tied up in a certain scythe that will probably never get released....
Does the Reaver costume come with face piercings? ;-)
willbueche--there's a sci-fi museum in Seattle????!!! Where? How? No, scratch that. Just where. I'll be visiting in a few months & would love to go. Sorry if more than a little OT. . . .
Sorry, my money's tied up in a certain scythe that will probably never get released...

Tell me about, Rogue Slayer. According to, all the delays were due to Palisades, the scythe's manufacturer, went out of business recently. However, LMTD by Cas purchased their assets and inventory including the scythe's line. They announced the new shipping date will be on March 6, 2006. Yeah, I know, we heard that before.

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