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February 08 2006

Joss Podcasts About Astonishing X-Men. Joss stops by to talk about the history of the X-Men, as well as his plans for the future.

is this the conference call from a few weeks ago?
It wouldn't work for me... :'(

*cries several rivers, perhaps even a couple of oceans*
UnpluggedCrazy - what did it do when you tried to play it and what OS/browser/etc? It appears to be a 21mb file and not the fastest download, so take that into account.
I wondered when Marvel would do a podcast with Joss, thanks for the heads up MindPieces.
I used Windows Media Player, and it said that the input media format was not valid.

I'm usually pretty PC savvy, but that one escapes me.
Have to wait until I get home tonight...I hope there will not be a problem playing on a Mac.
Pretty cool. I'm not going to listen to it until I actually have read the comics, though, so I'll know what Joss is talking about. Does anyone know when the trade paperbacks of the X-Men comics Joss has done will be released? I'm not heavily into comics, so I like getting TPBs because it saves me having to hunt down individual issues and they seem to be easier to get on Amazon and such. Could anyone give me a brief outline of what the deal is with those, please?
Theres already a trade paperback for volumes 1 and 2. I believe they're both on Amazon.

And I just listened to this with quicktime. Yeah its the conference call.
The TPBs are already out, Razor. ;-)
Had the error when I tried with WMP also, but would open with other progs like Goldwave and VLC. If you can't get it to behave, I've re-encoded it and this version works with WMP (and is only 13MB): mirror.
I'd say there's some spoilers there if you haven't read the comics but mainly if you're an X-Men reader already in which case you've probably got these by now (one reveal in the first arc meant practically nothing to me but was a big deal to a mate who reads X-Men and knew that C had been, err, D'd for a while ;).

Works fine with Totem-xine, BTW.
is this the conference call from a few weeks ago?

Yes it is. Despite the sound quality being something akin to listening to a mobile phone call in a car, it's well worthing listening to. And just about every comic book site around seems to be asking questions.
I wish that Joss had taken time to provide the sort of outstanding in-depth commentary for Firefly and Buffy that Ron Moore has provided so lovingly for the new Battlestar Galactica. Maybe with Wonder Woman and a few other newbie projects on the way, Joss will
show us podcast devotees some love.
Oh God, I really have been living under some sort of rock. In fact I think I had searched on Amazon for the TPBs a while ago and somehow not noticed that they were there, as I recognise the covers. I'd better order them now, I'm guessing "Gifted" and "Dangerous" are the correct books? How many more can we expect or is it still unconfirmed? Thanks for pointing that out, guys!

Inara's Spongebath, to be fair to Joss Podcasts have only really emerged in the last year or two, basically post Buffy, Angel and Firefly. I suspect Joss is much too busy with future projects to go over his shows, and there are several stunning DVD commentaries and numerous interviews all over the net that document his time on those shows. But I do agree that he should definitely get into them for his future projects.
Or you could wait for the hardcover version which has all 12 issues. That's what I'm doing anyhoo.
Wow, Windows Media Player is even crappier than I thought. It's just a regular mp3 file. Though, when I downloaded it, it had an extension of .Win for some reason. Perhaps you need to rename the extension?

I'll skip my rant on Windows hiding file extensions by default and the stupidity of depending upon extensions for file validity checking.
It was .mp3 when I downloaded it but it made WMP throw up on my shoes. So I checked it in VLC and GoldWave and then re-encoded it and the re-encoded version works in everything (linked above).
Thanks zeitgeist!

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