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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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February 08 2006

Wizard World Tour Pics from 2005, every stop has a little something from verse in it. Starting with Boston with Eliza, to Philly with Seth, then on to Chicago with John Cassaday, moving on to LA with Joss, finally finishing up in Texas with Summer. It's a lovely little photo tour of the Wizard World conventions.

You will also see Robia, Iyari, Clare, Nathan, Sean, Jewel, Morena, Ron, and a few others along the way.

As well as Scott L. Schwartz. The ULTIMATE BAD GUY! (aka Biker Vamp from Buffy Season 5 episode as well as many numerous demons on both Buffy and Angel).
Sean Astin and Peter David have verse connections as well and are two of the more pleasant people I have met at Dallas the last couple years.

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