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"She-Hulk has the fakest boobs I ever saw."
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March 09 2003

(SPOILER) An interview with Jane Espenson, at "I always wanted to do a story with Buffy stealing someone's happiness."

Too bad there's no questions about Ripper.

Er, this goes to an article about Fame Academy students. That is not just me, is it?
No - not just you. But it was nice to get to know Lamar.
Sorry, posting to two sites at the same time.
Must agree w/ Jane: Scrubs rocks!
She worked on Dinosaurs! I loved that show. "Not the Mama!"
I love reading interviews with the writers, this was great.
There's a casting spoiler for Buffy almost at the very bottom. Not that most don't already know, but just tryin' to help.

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