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February 08 2006

Another Buffyverse reference in's The Watercooler , this time in the commentary on Supernatural. (Contains spoilers for last night's American Idol, Gilmore Girls, The Shield, Get This Party Started, House, Supernatural, Love Monkey, and Scrubs).

"Sam's visions are no longer happening in his sleep he's now having painful premonitions while he's awake. I'm sorry, do I need to start calling him "Cordy"? Cause that's who he's reminding me of."

Please link to the exact date, rather than the page, which changes daily. Changed your link :)
I thought the same thing while watching Supernatural. Sam has gone all Cordy.
Me too! From the moment it happened, I couldn't help thinking -- man, does Joss know the Powers That Be have a new "champion?" ;-)
I kept thinking "Charisma did it better, Charisma did it better". She actually made it look painful. But the weird light effect that changed from reality into his visions was pretty snazzy.
I can't decide if I like Sam going all Cordy or totally hate it. But damn, that was a good episode.
I don't watch Supernatural, but no one can have a vision like Cordy. She just made a whole painful display out of it. So good. Great shout out to a great show.
Yeah, I thought Charisma really made Cordelia's visions look quite painful, particularly in the later end of season two and first half of season three. She didn't overdo it either which can often make it seem really fake. I love the scene of her in "To Shanshu in LA" writhing on the promenade, in complete agony, and I find it almost painful to watch.

So what do you guys think of Supernatural? I saw it advertised in the TV paper and I don't think it has been on long over here so I could catch up on it if it's any good. Any comparisons to anything else that is popular at the moment? The spate of post-Lost fantasy/supernatural shows have put me off them a bit.
Razor, I'd compare Supernatural to old-school stand-alone X-Files episodes. There is a larger arc but it seems to be able to balance both stand-alone episodes and attention to the story arc. I don't watch it every week but I like it when I see it. i'm definitely renting the DVDs when they're released.
Supernatural's alright. It's enjoyable, but not amazing. It's more like Smallville than Buffy.
I just saw my first Supernatural this week. It's not as bad as I and others predicted it would be, when we first heard about it, on this board. It's also not great, or anywhere in the vicinity of greatness. It's very well-shot, and I like "Dean" from Gilmore Girls, though I don't remember how to spell the actor's name, but the writing was pretty mediocre.

I always believed the pain of the visions in Angel, whether it was Doyle or Cordelia, or in that one episode, Angel. It's good, intuitive writing, and I'm sure nobody grudges them borrowing it. But from what I've read on TWoP and seen in the one episode, Supernatural is borrowing mythology from all over in an ominously Charmed-like way, without connecting it enough to make it meaningful. Maybe it will get better.
In case it might interest someone, I just updated my previeous post about Whedonverse actors in Justice League Unlimited, with some info about Daniel Dae Kim's role on the show, and also about who appears in the other episodes that has already been aired in the UK.
I've been extremely surprised by how much i enjoy and look forward to Supernatural. I expected to hate it but it has easily become my favourite new series of the television year.

Razor, i would have to agree with ESG in that it is most similar to old episodes of the X Files but with a slightly younger edge to it's style. I'd definately give it a go, if i were you.

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