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February 10 2006

Slimmer Buffy R1 DVD boxsets announced. And at a cheaper price too. These'll ship on May 30th.

This means I'll finally be able to afford Buffy birthday gifts for my best friend. Yay! I wonder when Amazon will put these on sale.
Very cool. I'll still just wait for a better time to buy the Complete Series Collection though.
Sure, why not do yet another version of the DVDs...

I wonder if these'll be the same as the cheaper version now available in R2--six discs in a single plastic box.
God I hope these are in "thin packs" like the Firefly DVD set.
Cool. I still don't own season 6 and 7. DVDs are pricey. This could be a good reason to import 'em. Possibly.
Unfortunately, buying the Chosen Collection is still cheaper, so my good pal Mike will just have to keep waiting until he can get the CC. :-(
Off topic here - but anyone in Europe hesitating over the R4 Serenity dvd because they don't have a region free player - I received mine a couple of days ago and the packaging is marked both R2 & R4 even though its advertised as R4.
Was wondering if this would happen with other sets after the X-Files slim packs (which needed a price drop way more than Buffy, but not gonna look any gift equines in their oral cavity).
Cool. I still need seasons 2 and 3. At this lower price I can get them.
Well, it looks as if you can get still get them at that price right now, see the details from this post earlier in the week. Looks to me like the deal is ongoing.

And, I'm guessing, the point of the sale is to clean house before these slimmed down versions become available. I'm sure these items are not unrelated.

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Slightly off topic but I just read that Joss did an interview for one of the special features on the Alien Resurection dvd. Does anyone know what he said about the movie considering how he has previously said the movie was ruined by the director.
derf, Joss is featured - intermittently - in the "making of" feature on the Alien Resurrection DVD. (I have the Quadrilogy set, but I presume the individual AR box has the same feature). He comes off looking great - Sigourney Weaver and Wynona Ryder both praise his script, as do others more indirectly, - and he gets to talk about what his vision of the movie was. Probably about five minutes of screen time total, but it seems longer.

The curious thing is that there's little or no reference made, at least in the parts I've watched, to his script being thrown out/rewritten/ruined. A casual viewer would, therefore, be led to believe that the finished film is Joss's vision. Which is kinda wrong. But it's a fun watch. I'd recommend renting the DVD for that alone.

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