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February 10 2006

Alyson Hannigan & David Boreanaz interview at E! Online. Kristin chats with Alyson about How I Met Your Mother and asks if she will return to the Buffyverse. There's also a brief interview with David Boreanaz about Bones.

The transcript of the Alyson interview is about halfway down the page after the Jason Bateman interview and is followed by the David Boreanaz interview.

This was cute. Aly is adorable and David is so silly! Can't wait to see Alexis on HIMYM!
Somedays I feel like I won't get anymore steady Joss ever again....After reading Alyson (YEAH Alyson!!!), I got just a little sore.

I don't want movie Joss (although movie Joss is GENIUS)....

I want TV Joss where he is a revolutionary...
I'm beginning to believe that the movie as an art form is just really dead and that Joss-like-TV is true art ...Saw Brokeback Mountain and I was only halfway impressed... I'm sticking to my belief that Buffy's gay characters were revolutionary because they weren't vicims of their sexuality... and at the end of the day...Ennis and Jake...were victims of their sexuality...well their inability to live in a homophobic society..still their love story is not a love story- like Willow and Tara, but a tragedy BECAUSE of their sexuality... no matter how you slice it...

You can do it... you're the genius remember?
Does anyone know when the Alexis episodes of HIMYM will air?
I wish their scenes would be together. It will be so great to see Alexis on screen again. I can't wait!

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