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February 10 2006

Sideshow Angel up for Pre-Order. Wrist stakes!! Battle Axe with the exclusive edition. And there's also a pic of the 'Once More with Feeling' Tara Bust in the DST E-Spectrum Newsletter (reg req). Hint of a linking Willow bust in the future!

*wimpers* I have just got to get myself one of these.....
Desilu I've combined your two links seeing as they are of a similar theme.



(DAMN, Olaf's amazing!)
Oluf is amazing!! I think his sculpts just get better and better! Here's hoping we get a new Faith for the Angel line and a new Willow for the Buffy line and that Oluf is the sculptor!
Definately a new fave. Loving the wrist stakes. My wallet is angry at me now! There's no way I could miss out on this one though...

[ edited by Lunakitty on 2006-02-11 03:04 ]
That's a frighteningly good likeness. Maybe it's time to switch to 12 inches . . .

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