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"And your hair. What color do they call that, radioactive?"
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July 18 2002

(SPOILER) Money talks? Another day, another dollar. Script bits are surfacing and the Post-Gazette paraphrases either Joss or David Fury:

"Xander and his construction crew are involved in building the new school, and he's become financially successful. He'll use that new-found wealth to attempt to woo back demon Anya, whom he left at the altar last season."

I'm betting money doesn't do it for our favourite vengeance demon anymore...

"Though the series was down last season -- it got too dark, the humor disappeared [???], the plots weren't well paced -- it's not out."

Am I the only one who laughed during season six? The Trio's geeky sidebars were hilarious, though not so much so after Warren murdered Katrina. The Xander/Anya Duet "I'll Never Tell" was a classic hoot! Spike covering for the invisible Buffy when caught in the act by Xander was hysterical. Though bitter in execution, the actual hijinks of Tabula Rasa were adorably funny, as our beloved Scoobies dealt with sudden amnesia. "Umad?" That's just inspired! And "DoubleMeat Palace" is that two words or three? I mean come on! When did the humor disappear? At the end of the series, even the Xander soliloquy at the end of "Grave" had a cute joke in it. The "crayon breaky" thing.

"Whedon is planning to bring back many past characters this season, including the vampire slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku), evil demon Glory (Clare Kramer), the nerd Warren (Adam Busch), vengeance demon Halfrick (Kali Rocha), Tara (Amber Benson), crazy vampire Drusilla (Juliet Landau) and ditzy vampire Harmony (Mercedes McNab)."

I told everybody Warren wasn't dead but they all laughed. Well! Who's laughing now? =P As for Tara, well she's irrevocably dead but this is television.
"no mousse"

Thank God! That means my favourite former 'Big Bad' won't become a total 'pouf'! Still I do wonder, if one has ones soul, then does their hair grow? Does that mean monthly visits to the local Fanstastic Sam's, after sundown, of course, for Spike?

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