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"And now, I'm just a *big* fluffy puppy with bad teeth. No! Not the hair! Never the hair."
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March 10 2003

Firefly gag reel available from several outlets... Go 'n getsum. It's hi-larious. "How much is that geisha in the window...." Heeee.

There's a mirror list here.

It's very funny, and a bittersweet reminder of happier times.
Wow. That was hi-larious. I now love Nathan even more if that is even humanly possible. That last little bit doesn't hurt too much either ;)

Just when I start to get over missing Firefly...Dammit. Now I've gone and fallen in love with the show all over again.

Fox sucks.
Fox sucks more than The WB. Yes, i've said it. And we all know how much I despise The WB. Ew, Fox.

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