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February 10 2006

Sideshow Premium Format Buffy! Sideshow's new PF Buffy pictures leaked before Toy Fair announcement!

Sideshow is expanding it's Buffyverse yet again with the new Premium Format line! This is hot on the heels of it's new Angel line as well. They must be having great success with the Buffyverse and hopefully someday we'll even get a Firefly line.

Very nice, very nice indeed. And the Angel figure from last week rocked as well. bl, you're going to pull me into collecting the 12" figures as well. Not sure where I would display them though. Excellent find, bl.
This one isn't a 12" figure. These are more like statues and are about 18" tall. And a lot more expensive! As much as I'd love to start collectng these, way too much money for my budget. The PF figures usually go for about $250.
Oh, thanks for that info, bl. I didn't realize that the PF figures were on a different scale. Yeah, way too rich for my blood as well. Love the detail, but for that price, it should be.

Now, if only the 6" & 12" people would understand the importance of detail. (6" & 12" people, please stop me!)
Wait a minute, this doll actually looks a bit like SMG. Surely some mistake. Someone call the doll police immediately.

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