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February 11 2006

IESB reviews 'Done The Impossible'. " interesting look at a sub-culture that doesn't seem so sub, but rather a bunch of normal people impressed to death with Whedon's work. I recommend it to anyone who has any interest in Firefly or Serenity."

There's going to be a Done the Impossible soundtrack? Or did the writer get it mixed up with the Bedlam Bards upcoming "On the Drift" CD?
I guess there was a soundtrack for the documentary itself, and it probably featured music from the bedlam bards. Btw, I soooo can't wait to see it, and it would be listed on amazon? SOOOO cool!
When is this thing shipping?
Very cool that this will be making Amazon! And I was kinda surprised that there'll be a soundtrack as well, yes.

But, argh, I'm just about ready to burst with anticipation for this. Here's hoping it starts shipping soon ;-).
I read somewhere, and JeremyN himself can jump in and comment, but I believe while this is the release of the documentary itself, for the DVD, they are putting in extra features and making it real nice. Apparently there were like 10 hours of footage!

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Ah, that sounds great. And we have waited quite some time, so an extra wait shouldn't matter that much. But, argh :-)
Yes, that's right. The documentary itself is largely finished. The version we showed at WonderCon still needs some color correction. And at this point we are concentrating on the special features. I wish I could give a hard ship date, but trust me we are working on this as fast as we possibly can. I also wanted to thank everybody that showed up to the premiere (it was standing room only!). It was fun to see it with an audience full of Browncoats.

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